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85 Dolphin, sr22. 


 Anyone know at what temp. should the transmission fluid be to check both the cold band/circle AND the hot band/circle?  Or where I can look it up online?

Thanks, Jim

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I see my friend Hunter asked the same question for me earlier today. I asked him first and he turned me onto this site. I'm a new to this forum and excited to find it. So we both would like to know, my research says if tested out of the the recommended fluid min. temp. it can actually be over filled and cause problems. My research also says that recommended temps are different makes, models and years. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks,  Jim.

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This is from a guy I trust


(a) Park the vehicle on a level surface. 

(b) Start engine when cold and let idle 5 minutes.

With the parking brake applied, shift the selector into all 

positions from ”P” to ”L”, and then shift into ”P”.

(c) Pull out the dipstick and wipe off the fluid with 

a clean rag. Re–insert the dipstick and pull out

again. Check that the fluid level is in between the

COLD and HOT ranges.  

Linda S

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