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Need new toilet

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Our 87 Escaper had a Thetford Aqua Magic IV toilet in it when we sold it. When we bought it back it had a Dometic something, don't have the model handy.


The new toilet is taller and further forward than the old one. Without going into detail, in the limited space available it's almost useless to me. 


I need to get measurements, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had difficulty finding the correct replacement for the Aqua Magic IV, and, if so, what your solution was.


A composting toilet seemed like it might be a good replacement until I saw the price. At least with the composting toilet I could install it fairly close to the back wall and not worry about the location of the rough in flange.


For now, though, I'm still trying to locate a standard RV head that will fit. I'll post the measurements when I get them, but in the meantime, any suggestions welcome.




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Maybe another Aqua Magic. This page has all the dimensions for the Aqua Magic 5 both high profile and low. You should be able to figure out if it will work. You can also check out the hand flush styles and see if they are smaller but probably not. 

Aqua-Magic® V Foot Pedal Flush | Lightweight RV Toilet | Thetford

Googling the one you like will show lots of different prices. You can even have one shipped to your local Walmart for free to pick up

Linda S

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replaced the 4 in my dolphon with the 5 no mods in my case .hand  flush was a little cheaper . at local dealer.  water flow is improved in the newer model.

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Thanks Linda and 5Toyota. My primary concern is the location of the bowl vs the outlet. The current replacement head seats me a few inches further forward than the old IV.  I will take a better look at the measurements for both the IV and the V. 


Does the hand flush V have the two handle flush where one can either "dry flush" or flush with water like the old IV did?

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yes its much the same seams to have improved water flow. only one lever now but 2 postion 1 for water 2 for dump.somtimes i turn off the pump then it back on.

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The Thetford Aqua Magic IV came in 16.25"  and 12.5" heights. There's a step up in my shower pan that's about 1.5 inches. I had the 16.25 high one IV and it fit pretty well.


The Aqua Magic V comes in 18.5" (too high) or 14"  (too low).


I ended up ordering the V in the 14" height and added a 2.5" riser, also by Thetford. (.https://www.campingworld.com/thetford-toilet-riser-2.5-parchment-13286.html?msclkid=439a669b31d91715c4350647a0177841&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=[adv%3A Camping World] [plt%3A Bing] [fun%3A Performance] [ini%3A Low Margin] [str%3A PROSP] [tgt%3A Shopping] [cou%3A US]&utm_term=4580840328061525&utm_content=CW - Low Margin 20% or Less&gclid=439a669b31d91715c4350647a0177841&gclsrc=3p.ds


This setup comes in at 0.25 higher than my original IV. I'll install over the weekend and will report back.

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