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1987 Toyota Truck rear wheel leaking oil (and power steering making sound and stopped working)

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Hi all,

One problem solved, another coming up.

Just took a 1500 mile trip with the sunrader sitting on a 1987 Toyota truck. After coming back, I realized that there was a bunch of oil on the right rear wheel. I saw that before but didn't think much. Something must be leaking. I would like to get some help fixing it (I would like to watch but not do it myself since I haven't done anything like this before).

I thought I found a good place that takes care of old Toyota trucks in Portland but they let me know they won't work on cars that old.

I would like to get someone I can trust but not sure how to find someone here.

Also, the power steering has been making weird noises. It sounds like the gears are grinding on each other while it was still working but last time I moved the RV, the power steering stopped completely. 


1. Any idea what the oil issue is?

2. Any recommendation on where to go to get it fixed (here in Portland)

3. What to do about the power steering? 


Thank you very much as always.

Pictures attached.






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any shop that works on 3/4 or 1ton trucks will know how to deal with your leaking wheel bearing seal.  could be bad because of bad bearings tho.    any place that works on older toyotas can fix the power steering

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Fluid leaking from rear wheel is usually the axle seal has gone bad unless your losing brake fluid. Check and see if that's low. Might be the cylinder on that side. Truck place can do the axle seal but Toyota's are the only full floater where the bearings are not lubricated by the differential fluid.  A shop might not know that. The axle seal keeps that fluid where it belongs, in the differential. 

Linda S

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Looks like differential fluid, but pop the hood and make sure your brake fluid level is good.


While a little bit of a drive (if you can't find somebody closer), in Springfield Shmunk's Service Center would be able to fix that.  Really almost any shop "can," but most will probably try to avoid it.  Make sure you tell them you GVW is only 6000lbs, but also make it clear it is a class c RV.  I mention this since most regular 4 post lifts (where that would best be lifted) are rated for about 14,000lbs.  It could help to know your height and width too.  Our little RV's are small, but still sorta a pain to lift.       

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