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How well do your Coleman AC units work? Mine took FOREVER to cool down...

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Okay I powered it up at 7pm.  It was 86 inside, and 91 outside.

By 8pm it was 80 inside and 70 coming out of the vent.  

By 9pm it was still 80 inside, but now it was oddly 63 coming out the vent...

By 10pm it was finally 70 inside, and 60 coming out of the vent.  


So it took almost 3hrs to drop the temp to a reasonable level.  Although 70 was getting a bit too cold.  I mean it is defiantly working, just seems to me that it took a really long time to cool down such a small space.  


It has to come off to replace the gasket and do some repairs to the roof.  Just trying to figure out if it should go back on...

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An AC unit that can quickly cool the unit is far too big to keep humidity down, start the generator and run the AC before you get to your destination.   You tube cleaning RV AC coils,  I have seen good AC units replaced because the coils were cruddy. 

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^^ what he said. Clean condenser and evaporator coils

A properly working AC will drop the air temp across the coil 20-30 degrees. It should take less than 15 min to reach this temp drop.

It will take much longer to cool the house down.


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Alright I will do that!  Looking from underneath at a weird angle, there is crud everywhere and some stuff on the coils in need of cleaning out.  Couln't tell if it was the condenser or evaporator...  I would imagine the one on the back side is the condenser?  Whatever, I am sure if one is dirty, so is the other.  


I thought that only a 10 degree drop seemed suspect and poor, but I don't know RV AC units.  This morning it was 59 inside there, so it is DEFIANTLY working...  


Prognosis is it is working and nothing is really wrong with it, just not working as efficiently as is could be.   Alright, now to get it out without doing any damage...  

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The condenser is outside coil (hot), the evaporator is the inside coil (cold).

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