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1986 Sunrader Adventure - Build/Restoration Thread

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I figured I would start a thread to post the progress of my Sunrader Adventure. Currently waiting for leaf springs and timing chain kit so I started tackling some exterior projects.


The mirrors that came on this rig were garbage: small, short, rusted, wobbly and worn. I took the dual mirrors and brackets off my chinook to swap over and decided I didn't like the chrome so painted everything black and bought new mirror glass from Velvac. Currently waiting for the paint to dry before re-installing. Also bought new stainless steel hardware. The zinc coated steel hardware was rusting. Acorn nuts are expensive but look better than the standard nuts and bolts.


I have 2 brand new grey 6.5" Velvac mirror gaskets if anyone wants them. Free just make a $2-3 donation to a charity(preferably ocbpc.org) in lieu of covering shipping.









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So far I have had these parts installed/serviced by my local mechanic:

New Hankook RA18 Tires
KYB Shocks Front/Rear
Inner Tie Rod
Outer Tie Rod End
Rack & Pinion
Idler Arm
Center Link

Rear Dif
Wheel Bearings


Up next is:

Leaf springs, bushings (ARB CS010R and Prothane bushings)

Engine top-end rebuild with LCE dual row timing chain.


Engine runs and sounds decent but being 35 years old and with a somewhat unknown maintenance history I want the peace of mind having it serviced thoroughly.

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If your 86 has rack and pinion steering it is s strange beast indeed🤪

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Finally got the new leaf springs, pins, bushings and shackles installed. Mac's Spring Shop in San Bernardino did the work and they did great work, and Jesse the owner gave me some goodnight insight into what to do next to the rig.


New springs haven't settled yet but already the ride is so much smoother!


He did mention it would best if I replaced the brake lines. Are these the same as the regular Toyota pickups?



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 Yours might be. Linda may know more about your wheelbase. Regardless, brake lines are not hard to do yourself. You appear handy. All you need is the tool to bend them and make the flare at the end. 

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So I checked the Rock Auto site using the Toyota part numbers in the search. There are a few matches but none of those Centric parts fit the bill. We do have a different master cylinder than the others so must be the brake hoses are slightly different too. Anywhere you can match factory part numbers is a plus

Linda S

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Well cross them over and pay $5 instead of $45🥸

Just don't get the Raybestos the threads are listed as SAE

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Thanks ya'll. I'm gonna give it a shot doing it myself. 


The springs have settled a little. My camper is completely gutted right now so hopefully it will lose an inch or so in ride height after I build it out. 

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