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Looking for ideas for a fan installation inside the coach


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Looking to see what folks are doing to cool the coach with a fan.  Recommendations on which fan to get and where to mount it are appreciated.


These are the 3 that I'm considering (not in any preference order):





Not considering roof mounted fans like Fantastic-fan or MaxxAir at this time.  The vent corners in my Warrior are more rounded, which will require cutting out the roof to install a roof mounted fan that is more square.

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Making round corners square is easy, making square corners round is a PIA

These are what I use. The first is a truck defrost fan. These don't oscillate but they move a lot of air. They need to be mounted on something solid.


This the other one I use. It moves a whole lot of air (3 speeds). Put a waterproof 12v outlet outside so that the fan can be use outside.


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Thank you.  Do you by any chance still have the spec sheet that came with the chrome defrost fan?  Looking for cfm and power consumption info.    

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The one I used is a Winnebago part. The PN is 122856-01-01A. The only rating I could find is 1.6 and .9 amps... 2800 & 1800 RPM

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You would be surprised how much air a 5" computer fan will move with very little noise!

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