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Boondocking in our Toyota RVs

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Hello Everyone :)

Anyone have stories or suggestions about boon-docking in our Toyota RVs ? The are small compared to most of the other Class C motorhomes. Any comments or experiences?  Thanks and it's great to be on this forum - I'm 71 and haven't RVd in 20 years but financial circumstances require it now.

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Its all about the water...You have less than 20 gallon of fresh and a set of holding tanks, Black and Gray, totaling about 25 gallons. That is good for 2 people for 3 days with conservation. Anymore than that its off to an RV campsite with utility's.

If your camping long term pack enough food, dehydrated is lighter.  On the road? take less food and buy fresh every couple of days.

Your house heater is a power hog. 2 days at 30 degrees before you battery is low. A 100w solar panel setup will make you independent of the grid..

For practical purposes  running an A/C means shore power or a generator, convert ALL your rv lights to LED they will add a couple of days to your boondock time.

BEWARE of previous owner modifications. Get a cheap digital volt meter.

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Here is a shower mod to conserve water. Replace your old style shower head and hose with one of these. https://www.homedepot.com/p/American-Standard-Sidespray-and-Hose-for-Kitchen-Faucet-Black-M953670-0170A/205512767


It is a bit tricky to adapt it to your existing valve but it provides a very high pressure spray that greatly reduces the amount of water needed for a shower. 

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When you move into a motorhome because your financial circumstances require it you don't go and spend a grand on a toilet. With some minor water conservation 1 person can go for almost 2 weeks before going to the dump. Dumps are available tons of places for 10 to 14 bucks a visit. Even with a composting toilet your still dumping your grey water. Just use that dump for both

Linda S

I will never be OK with putting a bag of feces in a waste receptacle. Sharp things get put in there and pressed down. Bags break. Some poor shmuck will have to deal with it. Yuck

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