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Removal of factory stove oven combo

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Some fun info for those 1986 sunrader owners that were curious how to get the oven out.

I asked this question but didn’t get much so here it is.

-rear kitchen model.

4 (3 inch) cabinet square head screws

In the stove head after removal of top cover and burners then disconnect gas line and that’s it!

don’t forget to shut off and drain your propane before doing this (obviously).

the fun part - door port is 17 inches so you flip it on it’s back then sideways. No need to remove front seat.

total weight on that thing is 50 lbs!

(I weighed it.)

mine was an elixir travel mate.


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Posted (edited)

So what am I replacing it with?

a Blackstone! (Portable) griddle top and one brass adapter to the fitting. That’s it. It has a grease trap and no more useless oven and you can cook an army of crap on it just like a short order.

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That’s a nice setup but out of stock. 
-just got a black stone at Meijer for $106. It makes coffee in the old style blue percolator kettle also, so for me the whole griddle top is a burner.

what to use as a nice lightweight counter top.. thinking of calling up the granite shop and asking for a custom cut remnant.

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