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Howdy yotafriends ~

I wanted to give ya a shout since we posted this up on TMC on Facebook. We are 3D printing the long lost weep hole covers at our design studio! 


We're passionate about keeping it open source so if you have a 3D printer or a friend with one I'm including a link to the .stl file for free download here ~
We're producing them in sets of 4 with a price break if you buy 12 or 16. Our Sunrader has 16 total. Details in the flyer in the first image.
I'll post the eBay link we launched, but we are happy to take orders here on the forum or by email (it saves us some of their hosting fees). :)
You can reach me by email at hannahmydeer@gmail.com (deer like the animal!)
Shipping is $5 from Hood River, OR.
These will fit 1977-1992 various Toyota campers - Sunrader, Dolphin, Odyssey etc.
READ!! *These do NOT fit Toyota Winnebago Warriors or Itascas. See photos - they have a different style Hehr windows with a slim weep hole that doesn't require a cover.

These WILL fit any Toyota campers and other vintage RV's of this era that used Kinro windows. The clearance of the weep hole is about 18.66 (about .75") if you think these might fit your rig.
These covers help keep bugs out while still allowing drainage for the windows. I've also been told it stops your windows from "whistling" ;)
***These are 3D printed out of *PLA* - we do not run ABS for toxicity reasons - but I have no reservations about these being hidden under the window lip away from exposure. They are clear coated to protect from UV damage. THAT SAID - they still should not be exposed to temps over 122'F long term. If you spend lots of time in Death Valley extreme temps these may not be for you. ***
We'll also have this up on our Instagram @milesthesunrader if you have folks you'd like to share with on there.
If you're on the road - we can always ship General Delivery to your nearest post office.
stay safe & happy travels!









weep hole visual2.jpg

weep hole visual.jpg

email insta weep hole covers jpg.jpg

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Thank you for posting these. I'm sure there are plenty of people here who need them .

Linda S

Please repost if and when you stop making them. Time changes things and I've had people trying to get responses from posts years old

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