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gas smell after fillup

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Hello everyone, This is my first post on this platform. Please excuse any goofs. I just learned not to hit enter to start a paragraph. Annyywwaaay, My wife and I purchased a 1985 Toyota Sunrader, 21ft, last August. We immediately had to make a trip to Oregon due to a family health emergency. Taking a 2600 mile trip in a 35 yr old vehicle I just bought was quite nerve racking. The Toy did very well. We got by without the few things that weren't up to snuff, but I'll get into all that at a later date. One thing that is troublesome and was difficult to deal with; for and hour or so, every time we filled up, we had a strong gas smell inside the vehicle. I have all the paperwork, some with hand written dates and notes. It appears that the fuel pump was replaced in 2019. So my question is, can I access the top of the gas tank, to check the gasket, etc. without dropping the tank. It has a 26 gallon tank. If not, and this is the part of the answer I'm probably not gonna want to hear, how difficult is that tank to remove. I've done it on cars, but this tain't no car. Thanks for any help. I'm probably just a worry wart or lazy but any feedback would be appreciated.   Barry


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I had similar gas smell issue with my rig I purchased three years ago. It turned out the Gas Filler hose was leaking at the clamp where the hose connected to the gas tank. It was all a learning experience. I removed and replaced Gas Filler hose and the Vent hose, sealed all and no more gas smell since. You might want to check that first.


On my rig I did not have to remove the gas tank. Mind you there was not enough room to put hands or even fingers in to remove and install new hoses and clamps. With right hoses and tools from Harbour Freight and bit of swearing and cursing got it done. I also remember there was a similar post not too long ago where this topic was discussed and they were talking about removing or dropping the gas tank. 



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