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objective opinions needed! camper shell

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Hi everyone! I have been silent on here for a while due to life changes during the pandemic, BUT I still have my 87 Dolphin and have had a few adventures. Each one has revealed more work that needs to be done. 

My biggest concern is the shell. It is pulling away entirely at the rear corners of the rig, and -though I have not found proof of water intrusion- I have found damp spots once or twice and I am not sure if they are from leaks in the shell or in the water line (which is a WHOLE other question.) 

I have gotten to the point where I would like to take the whole shell and all it's contents off, put a new shell on, new floor in, and redo the interior furnishings/appliances with simpler items that require less maintenance (gravity fed sinks/shower/ composting toilet, fold away tables.)

I am searching for a company to do the shell because I know I don't have the bandwidth or experience to do that without majorly screwing it up.

Has anyone done this themselves with something other than wood successfully? Or found a company to attach a new shell? Or found a shell that someone else could attach? I am looking online and not finding much, but I thought it might be wise to check with the experts before I go too far down the research rabbit hole. 

The simplest idea is to sell it and buy something newer I can customize, but I am attached to the Dolphin, and not sure if it would really be more economical or practical in the end.

Thoughts from folks who have taken one or more of these paths? I truly want opinions. My son and I love "Tortuga" but I am bracing myself to part with her if I really can't manage the repairs needed to keep her roadworthy and safe for my kiddo. I have a slew of other questions but am still looking for the right threads on which to put them.

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