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Hey there!


Me and my partner picked up an 86 Sunrader (21 footer) about a month ago up in Driggs, Idaho that had been gutted and partially rebuilt. We drove it down to Denver and realized that the transmission was having some issues so after about 2 weeks and lots of $ dumped into it, we got it down to Southern Colorado with a rebuilt transmission.


We spent the last couple weeks doing some improvements on it and are finally going to hit the road tomorrow heading south through New Mexico to Texas for the next couple months. 

Here’s a few photos and a list of some of the improvements we’ve done so far.


-fixed sag in gas vent line (and hopefully fixed our gas filling issue, not fully tested yet)

-changed rear diff oil

-fixed sketchy isolator wiring

-replaced front rotors, pads, bearings and seals

-finished the mostly done cedar paneling 

- made curtains/ insulated coverings for windows

- built a cup holder 

- new seat covers

-new wood lower door panels

-installed sink

-built out mtn bike storage area

There are about a million other projects on the list but for now we’re callin it good and gettin er out on the road!


This website is an absolute wealth of knowledge and everyone’s input is so appreciated! Couldn’t imagine trying to do this without this resource. We’re stoked to join the Toyhome club! She doesn’t have a name yet but I’m sure she will by the end of the trip. 



Here’s some pics!






















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Where is the gas vent line. I see another hose there but doesn't look like it goes to the gas fill connection. For gas to go in air has to come out. Other than that looks like you done a nice job of making it a usable camper. 

Linda S

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Linda, the gas vent line is the one at the top of the photo. Someone replaced it with a copper pipe that had a big downward bend in it. I cut out the bend and extended the rubber hose to make a more direct “downhill” line to the tank. The other line in the photo is a propane line that isn’t currently hooked up to anything. Would have taken me forever to figure out this solution without digging through these forums!


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