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Wondering if I have any fellow yotahomies that do any serious cycling or fixed city ridding. 

I'm an avid cyclist whos making room in my remodeling endeavor to fit some two wheel friends in the house. I have toured over 5,500mi across the US and regularly ride a track bike when I'm in cities.  

Got plans to do a lot of fixed city rides in major cities around the continent and eventually do an Alaska to Argentina tour. First I have to get a new touring set up and work my way down to only 3 bikes🤔



share some flicks of your steeds  and tours cause I'd like to see'em. Surly Steamroller




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I commuted in Japan for 5 years, 3 years in JAX Fl. and 2 years in Turkey 5-10 miles. This was back in the days of Reynolds Double Butted 531 tubes and Campy derailleurs. I finally sold my last Smiths saddle a few years ago

Iv'e done the ton a few times in Japan but that's about it for distance.

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The bike in FL. I got when Monkey Wards was closing stores. I thought is was a $75 clunker, but it turned out to be a OK bike made in Austria.

The frame was "1 too short, but for the $$ it was good. It was Reynolds 531 lugged frame with Huret gear and 27" tires.

In Turkey I rode a Peugeot PX-10, 700 tires. Because of the personal weight limits when going overseas remote there was a lot of hand me downs from one GI to another. The Peugeot was that sort of thing, it still may be there and on its 50th rider

In Japan I had a Nishiki  road bike with 700 tires and Shiumaio gear, it was probably my best bike.

High school bikes were a Raleigh with Simplex gear 😝 and a Bianchi with Campy

Now days I need a step up stool to even get on a road bike


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