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Hi wonderful Toyhome people,


I recently picked up an 86 Sunrader with a 1 ton full float axle and have been doing a little work on it before hitting the road. I just ordered brake rotors, pads, bearings and seals from Rock Auto for the front end. As I was replacing the pads I realized I had messed up. The pads were too small and the rotors fit on fine but look like they are also too small for the pads. I ordered the 1/2 ton pads and rotors and realized I need the 1 ton ( I think).


I found these parts on rock auto and just want to verify that they are the right parts before messing up my order again. I’ll add pictures of the old pads and rotors and the new ones w/ part #s from rock auto. Also, the pads don’t say that they include new hardware so if anyone has ordered these pads before, do you usually reuse the old hardware or order new? (Part number for that?) Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!






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Hi Ernie! I have an 86 Sunrader as well.


I went to change out my pads and rotors a few weeks ago and somehow ordered the wrong parts as well. After some additional research, I ordered the following off Rock Auto and they fit perfectly (these are for the front only, not the rear btw).

  • Pads - Part # CE 102.03030
  • Rotors - Part # CE 121.44035

Can't guarantee these will work with your Toy, but they worked for mine. Good luck!


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