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Holiday Getaway

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I'm surprised folks here are not getting out with their toys given the year and all. Anyway I took a trip north to Whidbey Island Washington to one of my favorite camping spots for 2 days. Picture heavy so here we go.


Took off early morning on the 28th heading out on highway 9. I could take the I-5 interstate but life is too fast for me there besides the scenic back roads are the ways to go.




Heading into the Mt Vernon area you see the farmlands and the scenes.






Now on Whidbey Island passing through Oak Harbor, been there done that! 🙂




Arrived at Ft.Casey picked my usual spot during the winter season.






Ft Casey was a heavily armed fort that protected the entrance into Washington State though the Strait of Juan De Fuca.






The Colonel's House and some of natures animals roaming about...




Doe a deer... a female dear...


Blue Hereon, what the...



Some sunset beach scenery.








Next day took the walk on ferry to Pt Townsend, right next to the campsite.








Waterfront Pizza, the best pizza on the planet!






Back at the campsite for the evening fire. 




Get out for a couple of days and have some fun everyone!

Cheers and Happy New Year!






Casey Trip (10).jpg

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Very nice pictures Gary. Looks like your having unusually nice weather there. Rain is coming down in sheets here, northern California, so camping wouldn't be all that much fun. California campgrounds are a crapshoot here too. They can close at anytime if the virus spikes. I have been to Whidbey Island and it is beautiful. Have to remember that pizza joint for the next visit. Maybe next summer. If you like Mexican the best place I've ever been to is La Hacienda. They used to have a location in Gold Bar but it closed. They still have locations in Marysville and Arlington. It's so good I dream about it. No trendy weird stuff, just real good food and perfect Marguritas.

Linda S

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Thanks Linda! Yes we got very lucky on the weather, now it's raining and will be like that for some time. The rules here haven't applied for camping so the sites are full which is quite odd for this time of year. La Hacienda is the best I agree, happy hour they serve their perfect margaritas by the pitcher so you have to be careful. 😉 There was a La Hacienda in Everett, we'd go there for lunch there as it was right next to the factory, cheap fast and great food!




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