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cheap an easy wireless connection to your RV + wifi

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i was planning on getting a dedicated "hotspot" for my winnie before my latest trip down south so i can stream my home cable app and amazon prime video and alexa features luckily before i ordered the hotspot system i was temporarily using an extra family plan phone with hotspot as my wireless for the cable/alexa/amazon prime and even a ring doorbell i can put in any window to monitor the door or even the motorcycle on the back of rv through rear window which gives me motion notifications and i can monitor from my phone. but surely i thought the speed would be slow on the cell phone hotspot but it works great it slows after 50gigs but still works for streaming tv and ring and it took me almost a month to use the 50gigs including the week i was in Tennessee.


all in all the hotspot system was going to be $100 a month also limited high speed,  but the cell phone hotspot is only another $20 on my plan plus i have an app that lets me track the other phone [rv] in case it is stolen/broke down whatever i can track it or even call the rv and you find yourself in a pinch you lost your phone/battery dead you can use the rv phone as a back up!


obviously if you rv in very rural areas campsights etc... where cell service is limited that this might not be for you but while traveling im almost always be near a big city/populated area so this works well for me!



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