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Just picked up a 91 22 foot odyssey. It’s got the 3.slow and auto currently. I bought it with the intention of swapping in a 3.4 this winter. 

been thinking about it and wondering if I might be better off doing something like a Chevy 5.3 swap instead. Similar money, way more base hp/torque. Tons of aftermarket support. 

haven’t really seen it done though. Is there a reason no one does this swap? Got a buddy who’s a mechanic who was going to help with the swap and that’s the motor he is suggesting we do. 

if not that any other suggestions? 

building this to do a trip to panama in 2022 hopefully and Alaska/Yukon after. 

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Toyota Pick Up to Gen 1 Chevy V-6 or V-8, Buick V-6 and Ford V8...https://www.advanceadapters.com/tech-vault/1-engine-swap-info-toyota-trucks/

Modern LS engines not recommended due to cast aluminum oil pan which is very difficult to modify

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Well if it isn't heavy enough maybe a big cast iron engine will help. Now a 3.5 liter old Buick aluminum V8 would be neat they were lighter than the 22RE.

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