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R12 Air conditioner charge


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Traveling fron los Angeles to Astoria,OR  on Auguste 28 Via 101 and on to Yellowstone NP and Back to L A

my search is to locate  a service shop that can still use R12 to charge my 1984 Sunrader cab air conditioner

willing to go off my route for service.

thanks in advance!

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FWIW I have a 30lb cylinder of R12 it has 11 pounds in it. I also have a set of R12 gauges. Lets say I might be talked out of it, but I'm not really into installing it.

I'm in Riverton WY about 125 mi from Moran Junction

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AFAIK, use of R-12 is not illegal. The manufacturing of R-12 is banned (Worldwide?). You can still find old cans of R-12 for sale and 'new' R-12 is available. Its recycled R-12 from old vehicles being scrapped.


Finding an 'old-timer' with the skills, equipment and desire to work with the old R-12 will become as difficult as finding a mechanic to work on carbs and pre-OBD2 vehicles.


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