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Connie smart

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Am in need of advice ASAP..

Referred to this wonderful group for help as a newbie!

I am looking at a 84 dolphin that has been gutted..83000 miles 4cyl 22r , are all 22r engines fuel injected?

new fuel pump, battery, spark plugs and wires, 

Rust on hood will see frame tomorrow.should I not get if there is any rust on frame or just if rusted through?

4 speed are these suppose to be fairly easy to shift? Injured right arm with limitation due to pain

All tanks left in but has been set up for compost toilet.

All appliances work

Small corner leak on corner of cab over where sides come together.

Has 6 lug axle...can you have a 6 lug and it not be a floating split axle?

Is 2800 a good price or should I offer less? Not sure of value 

Thanks in advance for any advice, help offered! I have to decide tomorrow early am!!


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22R is carbureted the 22RE is fuel injected. The 4 spd's were easy to shift. Because RV tend to be good weather camping they usually are not too rusty when in doubt find a friend that's family with motor homes/campers.

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If the mechanicals checkout, it’s not a bad price. Unless you’re a purest, a gutted coach is not a bad way to start. As long as you have the trade abilities to renovate you can design the interior to your particular taste.

This is what I did with my rig, and I have no regrets. Caveat Emptor is key here. The seller wants to sell, so they may be remiss 🤫 to disclose any defects.

Good luck.  Fred

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Not sure if will get to those who helped me above...

Took all your advice and went to see the dolphin..t u need out..

She needed a tax write off sooo.she donated it to our 501c3. Rescue...and we drove it about 20 miles toward home and it began chugging pretty bad so we had it towed the rest of the way to our friend/mechanic..

Hopefully just trashy gas from not being run in a while.Has original interior and really not gutted 'cept one area...So we'll keep you updated..

Thanks so much for your interest and time replying to my post!



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