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Sunrader tail light replace

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I replaced the original tail lights with LED lights on my 1987 Sunrader. I will attach images of the project including details on parts. 

There was a lot of surface prep needed and I found a great scraper for excess silicone seen in one of he pics. 

See "uploaded files" for parts list.

I don't think bezels are any longer available so you may have to have some made for you. I got these on Ebay but don't think they are any longer available. 

I also have the old lights available is any one wants them. 












Tail light replacement specs 11.docx

sunrader_taillight.PDF TAIL LIGHT REPLACEMENT.pdf

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My TMH had bad bulbs in all the lights, so instead of replacing them,  I picked up some $14 Amazon ones and made a black plastic, mount then sanded and painted the bracket. I need to find nice flush screws and seal them, but they'll work for now.  


20190708_171729 3.jpg

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Looks good. Just replaced mine too. 

Can you list link to parts.



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5 hours ago, marylee said:

Hi! Any chance you still have the old lights? Thanks in advance!

Sorry, just got rid of them. 



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