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Good afternoon folks,

I have an '86 Sunrader which because I haven't ever owned and RV before has been basically a tent on wheels for me and my three dogs. I'd really like to put the RV to full use but I can't figure out a way to get to know how to use all the appliances and such all. What website, YouTube channel, other resource would you suggest that I use to educate myself?

Thanks in advance!



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hi I been of for a while  welcome hear this group is great here nice people . ask things on the systems . people on here will point you along .

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Go to your local RV repair center. Ask then to check out all your appliances and show you how to work them. Like $100 Advantage is if something is broke vs just working right, they will be able to take care of it right then.

Plan B. Stay at a smaller RV park camp next to a smaller Class C, strike up a conversion and ask for help. Most RVers are friendly.

Plan C. Find the Yahoo Toyota-Camper Group and join. They have most owner manuals for your appliances. The factory owners manual is usually just a note book full of appliance manuals.

Plan D. Hang around here and ask question for one appliance at a time. If they are in good order, most of them are simple to use.

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