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Recently I became aware that the original 2-way Norcold 875EG2 in my Warrior was subject to a manufacturer's recall for "Smaller Gas Absorption Models." Apparently the rubber seals inside the gas valve can begin to leak over time, causing a fire hazard. (Probably old news to some of you, but first I've heard of it!)


I reached out to Norcold/Thetford with the unit's SN#, and they confirmed that it does need to be addressed by a "qualified service center."

Anybody have experience with this? Painful or painless process?

The refer looks a bit rough of course, after 27 years, but it still works on LP and AC! Don't want to end up with a big brick in the coach, if something goes wrong...

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Norcold did direct me to some service centers in my area that could handle the recall. But, once I pulled the control panel off the front of the refer, I noticed that the valve did look like it had already been replaced. I reached out to one of the "authorized service centers" and provided the details, serial numbers, and a few photos—he checked with Norcold and determined that all was good, no further repair needed.

Here's one of the photos, if anybody wants to see what the updated, "safe" valve looks like... a big, yellow sticker that says, "Replacement Valve," is a pretty good indicator. ?


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