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Snake as pet / guardian of RV?


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So... this is a bit off topic, but I'm thinking of getting as snake to live in my RV bc I may need to park it a little ways off from my home, and I was thinking that it'd help to have a snake in there to ward off intruders of both the human and rodent variety.

Has anyone done such a thing? Any advice or warnings?

Thanks in advance,


PS The idea would be to take the snake on trips with me, my 5yo son and our dog every month or so, but visit it weekly to feed it and check on the RV.

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29 minutes ago, sweetleon said:

So... this is a bit off topic, but I'm thinking of getting as snake to live in my RV...

Just logged in & what do I find but a question about snakes!  Believe it or not, I think I can help.

Years ago I had a 3 foot Rosy boaconstrictor.  Being cold blooded, she lived, like all pet snakes, in her lair with an electric "hot rock".  Snakes generate absolutely NO body heat on their own, but also cannot tolerate too much heat.  Snakes eat very infrequently, as it takes them a long long time to digest their LIVE food.  Many snakes will not eat a freshly killed mouse but must strike & swallow the prey "on the hoof" so to speak.

Left loose in an RV you would likely never see the snake again.  They love to disappear---literally, if not figuratively.  Snakes are the original escape artists.  Left alone, a snake will not be visible to anyone, thus no deterrent value.  And without reliable artificial heat a snake quickly die. 

What you contemplate shows great imagination!   But it is NOT a workable idea. I once traveled for a month with my boyfriend in a camper, but kept my snake with me always.  At night she slept in a knotted pillowcase at the bottom of my down sleeping bag.  Keep thinking, surely you will conceive a better solution.  But thanks for the chuckle & trip down memory lane.


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Thanks, Scarlett!

It was a fun fantasy. Maybe I could accomplish my security objective by just putting a "beware of snake" sign on the door. 




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8 hours ago, TruthTraveler said:

Why not just put motion sensitive security cameras in the RV that message your phone / email when something is going on.  They are super cheap nowadays and there are lots of options.  

Cameras need electricity and internet, and I expect the RV to be parked long-term without shore power or internet.

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