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1975 Chinook Replacement Fuel Tank Throat/Cap?

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Hello; the journey continues.

Bought an old Chinook. Love the thing but it's been through the wringer. It needs a new fuel tank throat. It looks like someone lost the key to the original and used a pry bar or something to get the cap off. So the entire throat is torn to shreds and currently they're using a wad of heavy-duty paper towel as a "cap." Top on my list of things to fix.

Does anyone know of any sources for something like that, or does anyone have a non-functioning Chinook they'd be willing to sell the fuel tank throat and cap from? I have a feeling this is going to be hard to find.

Thanks in advance.

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Maybe take some reference pictures to email and  measurements of basic stuff like ID, length of straight portions of the throat, angles etc. and try RV Doctor George in Sacto.


They have been helpful for the SunRader on an occasion or two and have been great to work with.

Good luck,


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