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  1. Hey all, I have a 1985 Dolphin with 60,xxx miles that I've owned for a couple years and I put half of that mileage on. This rig has been the most reliable vehicle that I've owned and have driven it coast to coast 6 times. I am an experienced tradesman and I recently endeavored on some minor repairs. Well you can guess what happens next...I have totally gutted this vehicle to find that practically every popsicle stick they put it together with is going to need to be replaced, and I was hoping to elicit some inspiration from stories of recovery from the brink of death, or when it was finally t
  2. I have been cleaning out the inside of my 1990 Sunrader. I pulled up the 1/4 plywood on the floor because it was starting to lift. Turns out it only had a few staple and was topped with vinyl. When I got the plywood out I discover a patch in the floor. It is right over the gas tank. So, I am guessing when the put the new tank in there must have been a problem and the cut hole in the floor. They did a really bad job of patching it and the patch was soft. Looks like they used regular drywall screws and they all rusted and broke. I put in a picture below. My floor is all OSB. According to
  3. This could be for any camper or motorhome. But my thought was to build a new camper structure completly. Avoiding wood. And reducing weight. My thoughts are to use .75 - 1” 4130 chrome molly tubing as frame work for sides and roof, then sheeting outside with 4 mm corrugated plastic sign material and coating over it with a couple layers of fiberglass and epoxy resin - or a thick coat of plastidip. That stuff is great and very tough. Then on the interrior filling the void with bubble wrap or light weight foam sheeting and inside layer of the sign board. Im thinking loose lbs,
  4. Hey I'm new to the community and let me say I'm very excited to be apart of this, me and my girlfriend have recently purchased a 1982 Toyota Minicruiser. We're going to need any advice you can give us in the coming weeks/months as we will be getting into a full renovation. Already we've found water damage and rott(see pics), I've looked through a good few threads here and noticed a lot of complete restorations so I know we're in the right place for help!! Thanks Jacob & Jess
  5. I'll post some more pics when the engine is running we're very close to being done
  6. Well everyone, my daughter moved to Tucson and I purchased this for her. She lived in it for 6 months and loved it. We drove from Charlotte to Tucson then to LA and back to Charlotte. Ran like a new vehicle. Absolutely the greatest vehicle I've ever owned. The owner had the engine and trans. completely overhauled - new heads, new cab AC, new belts, hoses, new tires brakes - all completely re-done. But the camper portion was heavily water damaged. I knew that if the engine and trans was good for crossing the country back and forth, I could gut and remodel the inside and outside. I did
  7. After a complete successful rebuild of the entire passenger side of my baby summer/fall 2014 the northeast had a SERIOUS amount of snow (like over 10 feet in 4 weeks) well, I live in San Francisco and the motorhome is stored at my mother's in Connecticut - do the math. Came back east to go up to New Hampshire and rebuild the interior and found the lyrics to The Grateful Dead's 'Brown Eyed Women' ringing in my head as I viewed my poor Dolphin : "Snowed so hard that the roof caved in." https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s6zbz557naukc3f/AABreFk9-ckj_NoiGdNuZOMya?dl=0 I am fu
  8. 1985 Toyota Dolphin Motorhome. Owned since 1998 . Totaled by an F150 (right rear) fall of 2005. Re-man engine in 2007. Collision with a MOOSE June 15,2008 (right front) Time and pressure led to bowing and opening up a good bit. BEFORE : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v0psst7xu30l7dw/AAAD2CG8PIJpNRIXcLxtNOm0a?dl=0
  9. My wife and I recently purchased our third Toyota motorhome, so are now the owners of 2 Chinooks and one Sunrader, all running and in fair to good condition. We are interested in having someone install a new interior, in a 1977 Chinook. Currently there is nothing inside the motorhome. Walls and floor are carpeted, but that is about as far as the interior amenities go in the motorhome section. Has anyone ever worked with a business that does this type of work? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. We understand this could be a bit expensive but would still like to pursue this.
  10. So I got my dolphin a month ago and slowly working on repairs needed to get it in liveable shape. I would love any help/ input on things many of you might have dealt with already. First up...
  11. Hello everyone, Working on a rotted cab-over it seems like 1/2 problems are caused by a awning. So two questions is an awning worth the hassle it seems like a wind catcher going down the highway and a hundred potential areas to cause leaks when it rains. And the most important question how to patch holes in aluminum? Bondo? Fiberglass? There are other holes I would like patch. Thanks, Mike
  12. I have just purchased an 86 dolphin and it needs major rebuild I have not been able to find the floor plan for this particular model it has a lot of water damage, possibly fire damage? due to past electrical problems. Looks like old owner tried to re-wire certain parts, I feel like the rv is missing a couple things My 86 Dolphin is an Efi with the table in the very back, as soon as you enter on the side you immediately hit the bathroom and on the sides are the sink and other side is the oven If anyone can help much appreciated! ive uploaded some pictures
  13. Well, my engine took a dive on me last weekend and I need a complete rebuild. I don't have the time to do the rebuild myself, so I am looking for some mechanic recommendations near Portland Oregon. Or if anyone knows of any rebuilt or used 22R turbos for sale let me know! Thanks in advance.
  14. I have a 17ft 1979 toyota dolphin. Code named "Mr Jones". A little back story to start things off. I am 25 and the fourth generation to own this camper. It was my great grandfather the original Mr Jones, who bought it new. Each male in my family has owned it since. So it has great sentimental value. I myself have called it home several times in my life. Unfortunately it has come to a point where Mr Jones needs to be retired. The dry rot is terrible, most of the appliances don't work. However...the pickup is in running shape, it just needs a new clutch kit. All the men in my family appreciate t
  15. Hi everyone, I am new to the forum, although I have been observing for some time now. I've had the RV since 2 summers ago, and have finally decided to take major remodeling steps. My Question: The pillars that divide the cabover from the rest of the coach, are they necessary? They seem to be a key support for the roof and the stability of the RV, but I have rarely see them in most pictures I see. If they are not required, I would rather have them out of there. It would open up the main room of the coach and make it seem bigger I think. I will post pictures sometime in the future. Thanks!
  16. Hey everybody, I've been using this forum as a resource a lot so I figured I would start a thread on my project in the hopes that you folks have some suggestions and maybe it will help somebody else out down the road. I bought this 1976 Chinook about a month ago from the third owner. Body is straight, looks to be well taken care of and claims to have a rebuilt engine. Odometer says 880000. Trucks running great so aside from some regular maintenance I'm gonna jump right into remodeling the cab. The cabin is water tight aside from a small leak under the cabover windows and where the seal betw
  17. I just bought a 1984 Toyota Sunrader 21'er. Its a fixer-upper. I plan on gutting the inside to make it the way I want. I have lots of experience with woodworking and fiberglassing (both epoxy and polyester) and plan on avoiding holes through the coach roof if at all possible (well, maybe one hole for the solar cell wires). I'm doing as much of the work myself so I can do it right and also to same money because cost does matter. I have some questions please... 1) Can I step anywhere on the roof without cracking it? I weigh 190 and heard a few slight crunchy sounds as I carefully walked on it. 2
  18. I've read everything I can find on the rear axle issues, but can't find what I'm looking for. I have a 1983 Sunrader, and it as the upgraded 6 lug axle, but I can't find any information on it. Is it a later model Toyota axle? Is it from a different manufacturer? Did Gardner Pacific replace it with something completely different? Is it a 1 ton or a 3/4? What size cylinder and seals does it take? We've tried 3 different sets, but nothing seems to fit. Any help greatly appreciated. Ron
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