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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, fellow Toyotans! Haven't been on here for some time, but have always gotten great help in the past ā€¦ So it looks as if I ought to replace all the tires on our Warrior (down to about 1/8" +/-) before taking a 900 mile trip in mid-August. I've been doing some research and it seems to suggest that the original tires that Toyota specified were not properly rated for the weight of the Winnebago ā€¦ It currently has 185R 14 LT'sā€”I've seen 185R 14/8 100P's and SV820 185R 14's suggested. We usually don't put more than 1500-2000 miles a year on it, and are hoping to upgrade in a year or two, so I don't think we need anything more durable than a 25000 mile tire, if that. It has been said that 8-ply tires are more suitable than 6-ply ā€¦ I would really appreciate some expert guidance on this, but not from somebody who's trying to sell me some tires! šŸ˜ We live on Bainbridge Island WA, near Seattle, with many choices of vendor. Any ideas?
  2. Husband and I planning a trip to Leavenworth, Wa, for Christmas tree lighting festival, which is 2-1/2 hrs from where we live. Not sure if we need winter tires? in case we run into some snow. We just acquired our mini rv this year so don't know too much about what not!
  3. Ok guys. I need tires for my chinook Newport. It has 14 inch rims in front, and 15s in the rear. Currently on the front is a oddball size- 27x8.50R14 Rears are 235/75/15 He has load range D all terrain goodyears on the back right now. I can't seem to find a load range D anywhere online. Only light truck tires with 108 load rating. The fronts I can't find load range D at all! Will 185r14 fit in front? Do you think the all terrain tires that are on it now are slowing me down a noticeable amount? What should I do? Haha
  4. While wandering about this spring I stumbled into a deal on some Chinese Tires - "Evergreen" ES88. Found them on walmart,com. Had them shipped to a nearby store and installed. 6 tires cost $337. (52 each) $121 mounting/ life time balance/ road hazard/ tire disposal fees. Put 600 miles on them so far - they seem to ride good. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Evergreen-ES88-185R14C-OWL102-100Q/54485716 looks like they raised the price - they were $52 when I bought mine. I buy tires at wallie's world since I can get them serviced all over and if when I go to the store to accept the tires and if I decide the tires are not acceptable, I can cancel with no penalty. The mfg dates were december 2016, january 2017 & feb 2017
  5. I am concerned about how to monitor tire pressure, especially on the inside duals on my '91 Warrior. It's almost impossible to thump the tires with a hammer when fueling up. On a recent cross country trip I managed to pick up a nail in an outside tire. I was suprised not to 'feel' it in the steering. I found it at a gas stop. I had a older Dolphin previously. When it had a low tire you knew it right off, not so in the Warrior. Does anyone have a experience with tire pressure montoring systems, pressure equalizers, or even the little colored button valve caps?
  6. Just read the other tire forums...might go with the new Hankook Vantras? Hi everyone, Getting new tires for our 1984 Dolphin. The RV came with Hankook RA08 and Yokohama 356. A tire supplier informed me the Hankooks are no longer made. Are Yokohamas the best? Are there any other tires people like? Thanks so much, Ellen
  7. I read where 1979 was the first year for the toyo dolphin, on this list there's a '78 Dolphin. my mechanic says i've got a 1978 rear end and now i find the e brake cable is 47 inches on 1979 (mine was closer to 41) and the 1978 cannot be found. i just ordered a 1978 universal e brake cable from Whitney's. i cannot find an engine stamping. the 1979 distributor cap i bought does not accommodate the dust cover that was in it when i bought it (a couple months ago). my door rubber is tired and i want to replace it, but don't know what year to get. i heard Dolphin (National) could hold a truck chassis for a year or three before using it. my rig says march and/or april of 1979. is there a way of finding out the truck chassis year and or any other part? 78 and 79 are different in just about everything i've found. as an aside, for my tires, i just bought a set of WINRUN R350 Tubeless 195R14C 106/104R 8PR LR D tires, rated for loads of 2094 LBs - 65psi. because they were the only ones we could find that would be 195 and carry the load.
  8. So forever I have used the Viair air compressor system. It has traveled with me in very many states in my travels over the past few years. As I am getting ready to be full time in the Toy I had to modify my system just a tad. This is a very dependable system. This is a link showing the system I have from Viair: Viair 400p
  9. What size tires can you put on if the old ones are 185R14C? I have a 1991 Toyota SeaBreeze with duel rears. The tire shops say I am missing a number. NOT!!!
  10. Hello all, I am looking for some help in tire size for an 85 4x4 Sunrader. 15" rims all around. Can 235 75 15 fit. 225 75 15 on it now. I am having a hard time finding good weight ratings on 225 and I am hoping to find something in a all terrain. This is the best tire I can find, thoughts? Hankook DynaPro ATm Tire 235/75R15XL
  11. I have decided to get new tires for the 1990 Toyota Winnebago Warrior and I am going to purchase the Nexen SV820 185R 14/8 100P from Walmart and have them installed. What should I know about the stems? Is there anything else I should know and check with this work being done?
  12. I purchased my Toyota RV 2 years ago. I just love it! It came with tires in ok shape but now need replacing. They are 205/75 - 14. I know the original are smaller because this size does not fit in the spare tire holder on the rear and so I put it on the roof. Could someone tell me what is recommended for this. It is 6cyl with auto trans. As well as recommended tire pressure? thanks! BV Sajjan
  13. Hello World! My wife and I are new owners of a cute blue & white 1978 Toyota Keystone Micro-Mini. We found it locally on Craigslist for $2,300, with much recent brake work and water pump job, etc. at 41,000 miles with all original 4spd, 20R, factory AC, etc. 1/2 ton 5-lug 'fooly' axle with tires from 1992 that look unused. We just got married and this was our wedding gift from my parents :-). We love it so far! It has a bed over cab, porta-potty in closet, small gas/elec fridge, 2-burner stove, sink with small fresh H2O tank (no grey/black tank in system though), propane furnace and rear dinette/twin bed. Everything works, and all appears to be in good shape overall (except some water damage on false wall above fridge and cab-over bed area). I have a handle on the required repairs in those areas, as well as the roof/vent/wall seams that need to be repaired, cleaned & sealed... My current major concern and questions are pertaining to the tires, driveline / axle. I believe my shocks need replacing, as the ride is very bouncy. I have 2 new Hankook RA08 195R14C LR Ds in the front and a 'modern' 185r14c LR D spare.. They are overkill and I think rub slightly in full turn on bumps in parking lot. I am considering moving them to the rear axle to replace the duallys and putting new Hankook 185R14s up front for slightly more clearance. The tires that came off the front were manufactured in 1992: passenger car tires 205/75r14 max 34psi, and the rears are same size/style. Tread is like-new but these are old, though surprisingly little dry rot, far older than I expected from visual inspection. There is no sticker in the door jamb, but the Keystone sticker on the camper says: GVWR 4,600# Front GAWR 1,850# Rear GAWR 2,900# We just took the RV on a 300 mile round trip excursion to the Virginia Northern Neck from Batesville, VA with no issues. Had it for about 2 weeks and 500 miles total running around getting parts, tires, etc. On the way back I found a CAT Scale and got our Toy weighed, here's where I'm at with me, my wife, 2 dogs at way back on dinette bed, full propane, half full on gas, no water, and some bedding/food/misc for the overnight trip--I would expect only a few hundred more lbs with everything I would ever want to bring with me: Front axle: 1,700# Rear axle: 2,780# Total weight 4,480# I have read a LOT about these axles and see varying oppinions on the axle safety, but am really not interested in an axle replacement unless absolutely necessary. This Toy being reasonably light and only a 16 footer makes me thing that I can get away with this with reasonable peace of mind from what I've read, but nothing seems conclusive. I never saw a response to a similar rig @ http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=6&p=22982 I do not like the dually fooleys in the back and am thinking I can get away with two single Hankook RA08 14" 195R14Cs in the back @ 65psi and run two 14" 185R14Cs up front @ 50psi reasonably safely with a rear bearing servicing / replacement? I am also interested in hearing about what issues I might experience with this setup affecting stability, traction, steering, ride quality, fuel economy, etc. The new tires are heavy, but going from dually to single should improve mpg! Thanks much in advance, and pics of the weight and us attached! Jake
  14. About 2 years ago, I replaced the 1990 Warrior with 1990 Itasca Spirit (2ft longer with a sofa bed) As usual, I went through everything that matters most to us (safety and reliability) Tires were among the top of my list. Going over the service records, I saw that tires were replaced back in 2006 with receipts, visually they looked okay with lots of treads so I quickly moved on to other items. Over the period of two years, we drove the RV within 200miles from home...no problem whatsoever! I often inspected the tires before each trip, I did see some minor cracks but I thought that would be normal for tires after a few years in service. Oh boy...I was seriously wrong! This happed on the way home during our trip to Doran Beach Park (Bodega Bay, Calif.) earlier this month. While driving home, I heard strange noise followed by rubber smell...I thought something burning in the back...turned out it was a blow-out rear tire! (See pic) Pulled off the road to a church parking lot, quickly changed the tire with spare one, and went home. I looked at all the tires again, what I discovered where the previous owner who sold the RV to me possibly swapped the tires he changed with old ones...those tires dated back to 1995 if I read the date code right...treads were full...not much wear at all. Need not to say, 6 Hankook tires were ordered thru Walmart ($92 each - best price around I found) and it offers installation for about $12 a piece. I quickly jumped on it. Tires arrived, called to make appointment...turns out Walmart does not work on Motorhome...bummer! I called a few local tires store, they either wants $40each for installation or don't even want to work on the little motor home at all. So I decided to remove all tires, loaded on my truck and head to Walmart store. After 1 hr and 45 min, the technician told me: "sorry sir, but we can't balance your wheels since we do not have the cone that's big enough for your rim" I was like @#$#%$ okay...went to my fav. tire shop, they couldn't do it either! After hopping thru couple tire places, Wheelworks offered me $14/ea. for lifetime balancing. Moral of the lesson: do not trust service record on tires, and do call these tires places before bringing your RV over to be sure they can balance this type of rim
  15. I am looking into a new set of tires for my recently acquired '93 Micro-Mini Winnebago (One-ton chassis, 3-L V6, 14" 6-7.25 dually wheels). I only found 2 offerings in full compliance with all specifications regarding load and internal pressure. One, made in China and sold in US as "American Omni" Thunderer R101 offered by Les Schwab (local northwest tire outfit - good reputation) and a second, Yokohama Y356, available (probably from several sources but) from tirerack.com. I am leery of buying chinese-manufactured tires, and the Yokohama's do not get great user ratings, apparently wearing very quickly. Obviously, there's not a big market for these tires in the US. So . . . I am just beginning to research replacing the wheels/tires with 15" wheels and a properly spec'd tire with the correct diameter (~25" overall dia.), if the combination is feasible, hoping to make a wider variety of tires, with higher load ratings, usable over the long term. Has anyone attempted this or accomplished it to their own satisfaction? If so, please share the details. Or is this just a really bad idea?
  16. I finally am the proud owner of a Toyota Motorhome 1991 Micro Warrior! This website and it's participants have been a great resource! Using a Washington State shipping address; http://tirecrawler.com/ Nexen SV820 185R14 LT $74.22PC PLUS $118 TO SHIP 563.32 www.ONLINETIRES.COM Nexen SV820 185R14 LT $79.30 + $94.38 TO SHIP total 570.18 www.Ebay.com HERCULES POWER CV 185/14 18514 $98.99 freeship total 594 www.TiresEasy.com Sunny sn223c 185R14C D/8PR $66 per tire plus $16 shipping per tire total $492 www.busdepot.com Hankook RA08 $99.95 shipping for 6 $97 total $696 www.discountiredirect.com Yokohama 356 d rated $115 per tire free shipping +$60 credit total $630 I have not pulled the trigger I am still exploring some local sources. Does anynone know if I could get away with using ST205-75-r14 Hercules (6ply) c rated on the duals? I found them on local CL for $360 installed for 4.
  17. We are having a heck of a time trying to find 7x14.5 8ply Nylon Radial MOTORHOME tires For our 1978 Toyota odyssey. We tried a trailer tire of the same size but it popped off the rim a few hundred miles later. We are in Boston area and no one has these!! Help!
  18. Does anyone have a source on 6-bolt rims?? I have seen some mention, but never saw a reply. Thanks, Redbeard
  19. Hey All, Can someone go to www.thunderertires.com, and look at the truck tires, and look at the Ranger101 specs for the 185r14C and tell me what you think. Mine are less than 2 years old, I have the receipt from Les Swabb. Thanks in advance.
  20. Hey All, On the Sunradar 21 ft that I bought it had the Thunderer Ranger 101 185r14C from Les Schwab. Back 4 duals DOT- KAARA011212 FRONT DOT- KAA7A0182711 SO if I have read the threads corectly the back tires (duals) were made in the 12th week of 2012. The front tire were made the 27th week of 2011. Both of these dates are with in the 6 years. I have seen some mention of the tires from Les Schwab being junk, so some direction here would be appreciated. If I do not have to buy tires now it would be a good thing, I am already in the doghouse for the cost of this project.
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