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Found 19 results

  1. Well, I did a thing. I bought a 325watt solar panel. It was only $100! But....in all the excitement, i hadnt even considered how i was going to attach this thing to the roof of this 86 dolphin. The rig has one of those thin aluminum roofs with small wooden crossbeams underneath. Getting the solar panel to attach firmly without the wind ripping it off, and possibly the roof, at 60mph is the issue. I've looked into z brackets, but i dont think these alone will suffice. Also considered rails, but trying not to put a dozen holes in the roof for obvious reasons. After spinning over
  2. I want to get rid of my roof top ac unit and I'm wondering if any of y'all know if I should just cap off the wires or try and remove them. After the hurricane hit the city, I was driving around and a low hanging wire garbed ahold of the ac and ripped the shroud apart. I have to check to see if it cracked the frame and the only way to do that is pull the aluminum roof back, so I gotta take it off anyway. any help would be appreciated
  3. Hi All- As I'm starting to get my 1987 Escaper geared up for a big summer I noticed that the bathroom door is hanging up on the ceiling a little bit. It appears that there's a slight bow/ sag to it. I haven't seen any evidence of a real leak, so I think it's akin to a sagging headliner in a car. My primary question; what's generally between the ceiling wall paper and the roof if I were to try to sort out this minor annoyance? The rig is primarily stock, so I don't anticipate it's anything different than the manufacturer intended. If I have my druthers I'll be back with some update and
  4. I looked back a good bit at the forum for this topic, didn't see it so I hope it's okay to start this as a new one. If we are ever lucky enough to find our heart's desire (a V6 Sunrader), if the roof needs repair how should it be done, since the roof is all fiberglass? I've done some fiberglass auto repair, and it almost never looks very good (MINE never looks very good). Thanks- and if anyone hears about a nice Sunrader looking for a good home, please holler, thanks!
  5. Hey Guys- Long time lurker, first time poster. I bought a 1987 Escaper last June and put about 13,000 miles on it taking the circuitous route from Boston to Seattle. This summer has been good too, but we haven't put quite as much mileage on it. It's been largely pain free so far, though I have replaced some fuel and brake lines, and an alternator belt, in addition to the usual wear-and-tear items. With the 22RE it's really easy to take care of the truck portion. Before fall is upon us I'm thinking that I should be doing some preventative maintenance on the coach portion. I've perus
  6. Hey Everyone, So I'm replacing my roof, and looking for some advice on a material... (I have a '78 Dolphin Micro Mini, so weight is even more important than normal.) I feel like ¼" luan is the ubiquitous workhorse, so it's what most people recommend. However, while at Home Depot, I found some ⅛" hardboard that feels like it would be lighter (and cheaper). Since it'll be covered in EPDM, and my roof doesn't need to be incredibly load-bearing, is there any reason why I shouldn't go with that, instead? It's half the price of the luan, and has to be lighter than ¼" luan, I would th
  7. So, I'm getting my roof replaced and trusses installed to strengthen the roof and get rid of the air conditioner sag. I stopped by the shop doing the work just after a rainstorm. What I found was a mess. The tarp covering my unit leaked like a sieve. Water was literally pouring from the roof through the lights, soaking the cushions and floor. The repair shop promised to make it right. I had him pull the carpet and padding to minimize floor damage. The cabinets have to be replaced as well as the ceiling panels. My concern is electrical damage and wall damage. Most water appears to have ent
  8. Hi Folks, We're about 3,500 miles into our summer road-trip at the moment. 2 days ago we noticed that our refrigerator roof vent cover was missing, I got on the roof to have a look and it looks like the base is damaged too (see photos). Really not sure how this happened - we didn't hit anything that we can think of.. Anyway, I'm wondering how to go about fixing this? As mentioned, we are on the road so if a 100% fix is going to be a lot of effort is there something short term I could do? Could it be worth just taking it to a servicing shop? For reference, the vehicle is a 1991
  9. I am the excited new owner of an '87 Mini-Cruiser ("Mosey", 21', rear kitchen & bath layout) and am grateful to all the great info I found on this site to make an informed decision. But of course, I still have questions, which I will try to put in the proper category. My first question regards the roof. The unit has been kept under cover most of its life, but when I went up and looked at the roof, it looked like it was time to reseal around the vents and seams, and recoat the roof. Is this something I can do myself. And if so, can you point me to the most reliable guides and best pro
  10. Hey guys! I've been trying to figure out a better solution for transporting my surfboards in my 85' Dolphin and started looking into a Yakima roof rack system. I talked with my local RV shop (Ryan's RV which I really like) and my guy there just said it's a bad idea. Basically, his point was that adding more holes in the roof with weight will shift the bolts around and end up causing leaks in the long run. I'm in Seattle so we get a lot of rain and I work hard to keep our Dolphin dry (seems weird saying...). Has anyone had experience with installing and having leaks? Is it just a matter of
  11. After a complete successful rebuild of the entire passenger side of my baby summer/fall 2014 the northeast had a SERIOUS amount of snow (like over 10 feet in 4 weeks) well, I live in San Francisco and the motorhome is stored at my mother's in Connecticut - do the math. Came back east to go up to New Hampshire and rebuild the interior and found the lyrics to The Grateful Dead's 'Brown Eyed Women' ringing in my head as I viewed my poor Dolphin : "Snowed so hard that the roof caved in." https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s6zbz557naukc3f/AABreFk9-ckj_NoiGdNuZOMya?dl=0 I am fu
  12. Hello, I am starting to work on my '88 Dolphin again. I noticed that some of the caulk along the seams and windows is dried and cracked; some of it is silicone and mushy; and some of it seems to be the correct butyl caulk. Can anyone please give me some advice on what to do? I was planning to cut out all the caulk and then recaulk. Is there a better way to do this? I have some leakage around a few windows. At the same time, I want to recaulk the vents on the roof. I don't have any leaks from roof vents so far. The roof itself is in good shape but could use a paint or seal. It's aluminum, right
  13. Hello All, I first wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to respond to this web site. There is a lot of helpful hints on here... so much so, I wish I had found it before I made my purchase... nevertheless, I am the proud owner of a 1993 Sea Breeze and excited for the adventure ahead... btw, I'm not the SCAMMER posted from earlier. I purchased this one in SD this past weekend. Surfboard Rack Time!
  14. We will be installing 3 100W solar panels on the roof of our new 86 Dolphin. Panels are 47"x21". Each panel comes with 4 brackets and each bracket has 2 holes. It means drilling 24 holes if I go simple way. Seems kind of a lot. Any alternatives? Maybe I could get two aluminum rails and install them parallel with just 4 holes in total. Then mount the panels on two rails. How do you find the best place to drill in the roof? The top layer of the Dolphin roof is aluminum, or am I wrong? Maybe somebody can advice what is the sandwich of the roof? Is it wooden beams-plywood-aluminum? Thanks a lot f
  15. Does anyone have any experience with solar panels on a pop top? I have a 76 chinook that I would like to put a couple small solar panels on but I'm concerned about the added weight causing issues with raising and lowering the roof. Any thoughts?
  16. Houston, we have a problem. Got a 91 Itasca Spirit on a Toyota V6 chassis. Anyway, We fired up the roof AC, and noticed wetness around the front of the AC, Started looking closer, and it is sagging a bit (3/4” at the worst) deflection around the 100lb Duo-Therm roof top AC unit. Peeled back the thin vinyl, and found some delammed ply (see pic). It all feels solid. Im assuming I need to replace the gasket. Anyone else have done this?? Any tips?? How badly do I need to repair/replace the bow in the roof? Or can I just park it on a hill? Add Jets and beer holders up there and wait f
  17. Hey Everybody, I am planning on buying a dolpin (budget of around $10,000) but have a question. I am an avid kayaker and want to be able to load my boats on top. I am 67 years old, 5'9" 160 lbs and my wife is 5'4" 120 lbs. The boats weigh less than 50 lbs each. My questions are as follows: 1. What is the weight capacity for dolphin roof? 2. Is there a factory rack? 3. Do people have recommendations on what to install? 4. Will the roof support my weight to when I'm strapping the boat down? Thanks for the help. If people have a lead on a clean, low mileage dolphin, please let me know. thanks Ben
  18. Hello, I just bought a 86 Toyota Dolphin - been loving it, just got it thoroughly checked out today. In good condition. However, I went under an overpass in Santa Rosa, CA that was not marked with a height.. and totally shredded the roof, the AC caved in, the roof is split and caved in, and their is a gaping 4ft hole in the back. My insurance doesn't cover it, because it is not a collision or traditional accident. I need to totally repair/rebuild the roof and am asking for ideas and suggestions of what to do and how to do it. Thanks! Aaron
  19. Hello all; We have just begun a total redo of our 1990 Odyssey with hopes to hit the road full time next summer. We have gutted the interior, except the range and refrigerator, and are now working on replacing some wood rot in the overhead cab cone area. We have fiberglass sides and a rubber roof sandwich, rubber-luan-styrofoam-interior ceiling panel. What type of glue is best to use to adhere the luan to styrofoam to ceiling panel? Thanks to all who respond to the first of what will be gazillion questions. So happy to find this forum and all the great information.
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