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My Toyota Motorhome


Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, It's so exciting 😃! My wife and I are completely new Toyota RV Owners since just yesterday I bought a 1991 Odyssey Americana in central Pennsylvania. It is the Fargo 21.5' configuration and is in fairly good condition overall, low mileage (68K miles) and seems to run fine. I just drove it about 60 miles yesterday to pay a surprise visit to my parents and tomorrow I'll begin the 800 mile journey home to Wisconsin. We are very much looking forward to hitting the road with it. When my grandparents retired in the early 1960s they bought a "Scottie" camper and drove across the cou
  2. So im into for less than 2k, got it from 3rd owner, only 50400 miles, replaced belts and other wearables and it's running great, the issue is water damage, the roof and paneling under fiberglass is done for, I live in it full time atm due to losing previous RV in a fire in California but I have access to a garage and tools with a cot and plenty of help for when I get to replacing the cab-over, with that being said, I'm going to have to gut and replace all insulation and 2by2, should I start with the rear or front, I'd like to get my bed situated first so I can just stay in it while finishing t
  3. Hey Everyone, So I'm replacing my roof, and looking for some advice on a material... (I have a '78 Dolphin Micro Mini, so weight is even more important than normal.) I feel like ¼" luan is the ubiquitous workhorse, so it's what most people recommend. However, while at Home Depot, I found some ⅛" hardboard that feels like it would be lighter (and cheaper). Since it'll be covered in EPDM, and my roof doesn't need to be incredibly load-bearing, is there any reason why I shouldn't go with that, instead? It's half the price of the luan, and has to be lighter than ¼" luan, I would th
  4. Well, the project begins. Probably should have started when it would be warm a little longer but all this last week we've been pulling stuff out. So far we've taken 360 lbs worth to the dump with easily twice that much weight in the garage in more trash, appliances, and four deep cycle batteries. Not entirely sure where we're going with this but we've decided we'd like to start with a clean slate. From the pictures, you can see I've had a little help. I've gotten some more done but don't have pictures yet. We've got a bit of snow that's slowed the process a bit. I pulled the shower/bathroo
  5. I am the new owner of a 1983 Toyota Sunrader. I have owned other RV's but this is my first Toyota motorhome. Can anyone point me to an owners manual or other documentation to get me started in restoration? Thanks!
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