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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I was about to set off on my first road trip in my new to me 1993 Winnebago Warrior before discovering the roof is leaking in two location. The forum seems to have a lot to say about products. First, what is thermo panel exactly and what product is best for sealing the roof? there is leaking at damaged area that appears to have been patched by previous owner, not just at lap joints. Secondly, any advice on pulling out the rotten wood and replacing it? If I want to do this right it looks like I will have to replace part of the roof. IMG_4599.HEIC IMG_4600.HEIC IMG_4601.HEIC
  2. Hi All, Just bought my 1990 Winnebago Warrior 10 days ago, I've got to spend all of 4 hours in it so far learning how everything works and was planning to give it a big clean and do some exterior re-sealing this weekend. Very excited to spend more time with the camper and loving this forum! However, I went to go to work this morning and noticed that someone has clipped the back left corner either when driving by camper or when trying to park beside it. They were moving toward the back end and have taken off the side light, opened up the seam between the side and back panel (bending the back panel out of shape) and done some damage to the supporting woodwork inside. Photos are attached. This must of happened only one day before I noticed it because I walk by the camper daily and would have noticed it had it happened earlier. Also the rain overnight has had a chance to get in I've got it covered with plastic for now. Anyway, What do you think the repair job will be like? Something I will need a professional to do, or could I do it myself? I'm super disappointed this happened before I could actually use the camper. My Fiance and I were planning a trip in the next 2 weeks, then we are doing a tour of the States from May through to July so definitely need it in working order again by then. Thanks in advance for all the help! Nick
  3. After reading what's been said on the threads about repairing the front window I've decided I'll probably go with the advice someone provided to do away with the window. It wasn't clear anyone's done that, but some said they'd choose the option if they had it to do over. The plexiglass is crystalized and besides the spiderwebbing a person can see from the inside, one crack a knifeblade will fit into and another beginning spice up the landscape. My tentative plan is to cut a piece of panelling the size of the channel behind the window, use an electrical plug box on the in-between side to keep as a compartment to house a GPS Earthmate reciever so's it can pick up sats and fill in the entire void between the plexiglass and panel sheet with foam. Hopefully that will provide enough stability to what remains of the plexiglass to hold it intact and stop any more ideas it has about being a Communist. And it will offer a place for the GPS receiver to sit without forever banging and bouncing around. I like to run a laptop with Street Atlas USA [Delorme] on the long roads, and Terrain Navigator with the topos when I'm somewhere topos can be helpful. But the receiving unit's always been a Commie. If anyone here has any experience or knows anyone who's blocked off that front window and regretted it I'd be obliged to hear about it. Thanks, JackP
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