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My Toyota Motorhome


Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, Just bought my first camper ever, an '87 Toyota Dolphin. Long story short, it needs work - work that I myself don't know how to do. I read great blogs and posts here about the amazing things people have done to their Toyota campers, but the writers are either trained, related/married to someone who can work on them, or just amazingly talented in RV repair from birth. For regular people like me, there's only one option: hire someone else to do it. Or is there another way? I'd love some information on how regular people like me can fix up their campers themselves. I can do basic DIY around my home, but I know better than to assume that transfers to RVs. What kind of basic equipment, like power tools, do I need? Where could I park it to work on it (I live in a townhome community where we're not even supposed to change the oil in the parking lot)? I'd like to partner with someone and learn the skills needed to fix it up - has anyone here ever done that? TIA for any information!
  2. So forever I have used the Viair air compressor system. It has traveled with me in very many states in my travels over the past few years. As I am getting ready to be full time in the Toy I had to modify my system just a tad. This is a very dependable system. This is a link showing the system I have from Viair: Viair 400p
  3. So I got my dolphin a month ago and slowly working on repairs needed to get it in liveable shape. I would love any help/ input on things many of you might have dealt with already. First up...
  4. We are new to your community - just bought a 1994 Winnebego Warrior with 44k miles. I'm looking for advice on repairing de-laminated floor plywood sections. We will certainly find and correct any water leaks first - really looking for materials and process to correct the delaminations. Could I maybe replace the plywood with a dense polystyrene (etc.) extrusion? Anyone with experience along these lines? John O.
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