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My Toyota Motorhome


Found 5 results

  1. Now that I'm FINALLY done painting this thing, I'd like to show it off a little and give a huge shoutout to my favorite front-yard fabricator @1toyhero for hooking it up big time with the design and fabrication of the coolest addition to the ole Yoterhome, the pièce de résistance. Hit him up on Instagram if you're ever in need of some fab work done in the Phoenix area: https://www.instagram.com/1toyhero/ First off, we had to decide whether to remove the old, crusty 4x4 tube bumper or weld onto it, and I'm glad we decided to cut er off, knowing that I'd have to find a different solut
  2. I've been kicking this around in my relatively empty head for a bit and have some ideas, but I thought I'd ask around here and see if someone smarter than me has already done something like this. I have the typical RV ladder on the back of my Escaper, but one leg is cracked from a PO backing into something. I also, being a pretty big guy, don't want to climb on the roof to do maintenance. I'd like to figure out a nice-looking way to replace my ladder with some sort of step ladder I could detach and use to clean the solar panels from the side of the rig and all the other stuff a 6' - 8' ladde
  3. I saw an alternative ladder style on a website for horse trailers. http://cimarrontrailers.com/new-ez-angle-ladder/ It has a mounting plate at the top but uses an extension ladder where the ladder angles out and the feet go down to the ground. That would take a lot of stress off the sides of the RV compared to using the tradition RV ladders. It would also be more comfortable to climb. Does not seem like it would be overly difficult to fabricate a top plate to use on a lightweight extension ladder plus a clamp to hold the bottom against the RV when the ladder is not in use.
  4. I have an '83 18' Toyota Sunrader - the roof ladder was recently damaged to the point it is not useable and I used it all the time to put on the cover, clean the roof, etc. I've worked really hard the past two years on fixing-up "Buttercup" and my goal is to have everything repaired and working. My questions are: 1. Where can I find another ladder? and 2. What is the best way to remove it and install a new one? Thanks so much.
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