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My Toyota Motorhome


Found 11 results

  1. I'm a total dunce when it comes to engines. My hubby is away for a few months (figures!) and I have found what could be 'my' Toyota RV. I have to travel a few hours to look at it and don't want to waste my time or the owners if it is a dud. So, here is what I know.. It's a 1992 Itasca Spirit with 106k km. The ad reads... Clean, comfortable 22 foot motorhome Toyota cab, Winnebago coach. Toyota V-6, 3 liter engine. New fridge, 6 brand new tires. Generator. Tilt steering, cruise control, automatic with overdrive. 18 mpg. Always maintained, kept under cover. Manuals and receipts The
  2. My Itasca Spirit has a rack on the back and I would like to use it to carry folding chairs, toolbox, sun canopy...What do others use to keep things safe and dry on the racks some have on the back of the RVs? Something lockable and bolt-on-able would be ideal, but also watertight. Thanks! Sue
  3. I had planned to attach the 19inch flat screen tv I bought to the counter above the fridge, but, then I thought...maybe someone else has a unique and better place for it. I saw someone's photo of the tv sitting on the back of the bench seat. Saves the counter space or something else! Anyone have any placement ideas they want to share, also hardware used to attach. Thanks in advance!-Sue
  4. I spent today going over all the various appliances in my rig (1992 Itasca Spirit). I've only had this baby for a few days, and in between taking care of my grandkids while their parents are away, I managed to get the furnace, fridge and hot water all running. I then changed the oil in the built in Kohler gennie, started outfitting the rig with gear and decided where to install the 19 inch flat screen TV I bought 2nd hand. After I'd changed the oil in the gennie, I thought I'd let it run for a bit while I tested out the AC and microwave. Microwave works great. AC not so much. I have no clue wh
  5. For the past 6 years, I have noticed the toilet in my 1990 Itasca Spirit does not hold water for too long. Once holding water drains out, odor escapes. Here are my questions: 1. The existing toilet is Thetford Aqua Magic IV. It's in decent shape and working with the exception of not holding water for more than a day. Repairs can be made with High and Low Blade Seal (Thetford P/N 33027) for $13 and Closet Bolt Package (Thetford P/N 12524) for $14, the reason for the closet bolt package is that the toilet needs to be removed to replace the seal and reinstalled. Is this a worth while repair
  6. From the album: "Red Emerald" , The 1990 Itasca Toyota Motorhome

    So.....Ive had everything in my truck for over three weeks to change the rotor, distributor cap, plugs and wires. Wasn't really in a hurry as the truck was running "fine". Key word, fine. When I say drives good I mean that it drove good. Started in a nano second every single time, never a hesitation. Steady drive, no skips. This is what amazes me about Toyota. Ever searched your library using the words Toyota? Half of the books are about management practices. The way to do business. And it works. They build a fantastic product. Ok, im done pumping them up. Man what a dif
  7. I finally just said to heck with it and took off down the road on my first outing in "Red Emerald". I can't even begin to express how proud I am of the little Toyota motorhome. Not one single hitch what-so-ever. It was just and over nighter or weekender and I was using abundant caution and care. Watched my speed (below 60 mph) and monitored the tranny for any bad signs and didn't spot a single problem. So besides being a lot of fun and very comfortable it was also a big confidence builder too. Look forward to many more trips now. Here is a video: The Alltamaha WMA / Harris Neck NWR Road T
  8. From the album: "Red Emerald" , The 1990 Itasca Toyota Motorhome

    Went out to Tybee Island to do some beach metal detecting and just to chill out a bit. It's only February and the bikinis are already out. Crazy warm weather this time of year.

    © Butch Petty 2017

  9. just got a 91 itasca spirit which I like very much, but it has a couple of water issues. when I fill the water supply tank I get a steady slow drip from two small drain pipes directly under the fresh water tanks, doesn't stop until the water tank is empty. Number two is the two drain valves in the cabinet under the stove leak when the lines are pressurized by the pump. I started to disconnect the lines thinking I could just replace them but found that they were difficult to remove, guessing that since they were drains they must drain into something, probably the waste water tank directly under
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