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Found 13 results

  1. I want to get rid of my roof top ac unit and I'm wondering if any of y'all know if I should just cap off the wires or try and remove them. After the hurricane hit the city, I was driving around and a low hanging wire garbed ahold of the ac and ripped the shroud apart. I have to check to see if it cracked the frame and the only way to do that is pull the aluminum roof back, so I gotta take it off anyway. any help would be appreciated
  2. I'm bringing the 1986 Nissan V6 Sunrader that's at my brother's place in New York out to California in September. It has a very nice, functional air conditioner in the cabin. It's a Coleman of the Mach series, but I'm not sure which. Hopefully the pictures will help you identify it. (I believe it's original equipment.) Even tho it worked great last month when I spent a night in the RV, I've decided that I don't want the air conditioner when it's in California, bc I mostly plan to boondock, and I don't want the extra height, weight and wind resistance. Out west where it's dry when it's hot
  3. Hi, I recently got an 18' Sunrader from 1984 and I'm wondering if it would be possible to build in a rooftop AC that is powered by an internal generator. Does anyone know where the generator could be located on the inside? Are there any alternatives? I'm not sure I want to have a rack on the back bumper with an external generator chained to it. I understood that there is not enough space on the roof to power the AC with solar panels? I'm totally new to motorhomes and travelling in a RV. I had initially planned to drive from San Francisco to Chicago, going through the South Arizona,
  4. Well, my AC clutch bearing seized, the bearing race chewed up the ac compressor housing. Mine has a 6" pulley. Ordered one from Rockauto , it has a 5.5" pulley, so it will be going back Does anyone have any good part numbers for the AC Compressor? . I am guessing the cab & chassis is different from the regular toyota pickup.
  5. I spent today going over all the various appliances in my rig (1992 Itasca Spirit). I've only had this baby for a few days, and in between taking care of my grandkids while their parents are away, I managed to get the furnace, fridge and hot water all running. I then changed the oil in the built in Kohler gennie, started outfitting the rig with gear and decided where to install the 19 inch flat screen TV I bought 2nd hand. After I'd changed the oil in the gennie, I thought I'd let it run for a bit while I tested out the AC and microwave. Microwave works great. AC not so much. I have no clue wh
  6. Simple question: what would happen if I completely sealed the vent on the rear-face of the air-conditioner? I don't think I need so much air blowing on the bathroom since the AC is all the way to the rear in the kitchen. I'd like more air to flow to the living area and bed. If I put pressed cardboard and duct tape over the rear vent, would the forward vent push out more air, or would it end up going out the intake vent? Thanks for any help. Thomas
  7. Hello! I recently purchased a 21' 1986 Toyota Crossman, which my partner and I dubbed "Little Buddy." Little Buddy has treated us well thus far but unlike the other RV I have owned (a Four Winds Hurricane) the coach power does not work unless plugged into shore power via the pigtail. A post made to this forum by Jake_Womack earlier this year described a similar issue, which other forum readers suggested was caused by a malfunctioning relay or switch. Could that be the culprit in my case as well? Do I need a new switching supply? The Power Inverter in Little Buddy is: Series: 6300 A
  8. When I got the 1990 Itasca 321RB, it had the old roof top AC. That winter it leaked, so I removed it and installed a powered roof vent with fan instead. Years gone by, I feel like having the AC again. Here are my concerns: the Coleman Mach 1 PS (power saver) 11k BTU fits the bill as my Honda eu2000i can run it reliably (total cost ~800). Issue is the roof sagged a little bit after bearing the old AC on top of it for over 20 years. I could raise the lips of the roof around the 14"x14" opening so water won't get in but water will be standing around the AC when it rains. Any idea how to mitigate
  9. Hey all, We're preparing for our first time out in our new-to-us 1986 Sunrader and I am a little overwhelmed by all the info on the internet with regard to our electrical capabilities. Here's what we're working with: -2 batteries under the hood - one each for the cab and the coach -30 Amp cord for plugging in at campsites -One 12V DC plug in the dash and one in the coach -One AC wall outlet in the coach I purchased a 30 Amp extension cord and a 30A-120V adapter, as well as a little 75W inverter for the dash, which has one AC and two USB outlets. We will be doing a combination of camping at ca
  10. When I bought my Escaper the roof air worked great, but the cab air did not work. The ac compressor turned on but made a bad sound and there was no cold air. I'm about to go on a travel for a while and definitely wanted my cab air working! I started out by ordering a new compressor for an 87 Toyota truck. When the compressor arrived it was immediately apparent that the compressor was the wrong style mounting and everything. Here is the stock A/C compressor in place before any work. Here is the first compressor I ordered, which was the wrong style since it was for a factory installed A/C s
  11. Hey all, I recently purchased a 1987 Toyota Escaper mini. The truck is awesome and in great shape but the cap air does not work! The compressor sounds like it has a bad bearing even when ac is not on, it still turns on when a/c is turned on but no cool air. So I ordered a new compressor for a 1987 Toyota pick up and to my surprise when it showed up, it is a completely different mounting style. After some more investigating it appears the truck may have had the a/c system put on it aftermarket possibly? The system on it uses a bracket with a belt tensioner as part of the bracket as you can
  12. Yesterday I finished the install of the Xantrex Freedom SW 2kw invert (yes 2kw is 2000 watts). http://www.xantrex.c...12v_newgen.aspx My 1.8kw Xantrex gave up the ghost so I stepped up to their newest model the Freedom SW. Talk about a MONSTER. It weighs 60 lbs. It is all digital including the 30 amp transfer switch which kicks over in microseconds if it detects a drop or brown out in the incoming AC current (either from shore power or a brown out from the generator). This one has a very sophisticated built in battery charger so I pulled my converter out completely since it would no longer b
  13. The guy I bought the 1983 New Horizon from asserted this one is freshly rebuilt, and there's cause to believe he's telling the truth. It's not bolted down and all the wiring is disconnected. But after getting it home, lifting it enough to see behind it, [feels as though it weighs 100#] I found myself asking myself what the function of it is with regards to the overall MH. Is the generator just there to provide power for the AC unit? There's what appears to be 100# of refrigeration AC mounted on the sagging roof. The guy claims it's more-or-less new, and it appears to be. But it's a lot of
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