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My Toyota Motorhome


Found 9 results

  1. Greetings all! As of a few days ago I was not even aware that Toyota Motorhomes existed! So, yes, I am new here and contemplating a 1986 Mirage. I have long been a fan of the 22RE and currently drive a so-so rusty '88 4runner all over the country doing art fairs. This is what I would be using the Mirage for. So...bubble window over front passenger side is out - how best to replace it and with what? Do I scour junk yards across the country or is their an aftermarket replacement? Do I make my own with plexi and a heat gun? Tires: do I want 195's or 185's? Does it matter alot? The mirage is gutted and will hold my art show stuff which may be around 500lbs? For Mirage do I def. want D class? I need a larger vehicle (than the 4runner) to hold my show stuff and get me around reliably: it's either the Mirage, a Sienna mini-van or (ugh) a ford cargo van. Any thoughts...? Thanks for all the info!
  2. Hi - hoping someone can help me out here. I'm looking to find the correct window gasketing for the exterior of my 1986 Escaper. Mine is shrinking/cracking, which seems to be a common problem. Below I've included a side view of the gasket that's been pulled out of the window. Thanks in advance! Toby
  3. [oops new thread, not reply] Hi there - newbie here. I'm looking at a nearby 1986 Mini Cruiser at what seems a decent price (6K; needs new engine), but it doesn't have a generator?? It does have a big box on the tail end - is that where a generator can go? ~$4K to add one? Thanks so much - Sam in Boston
  4. Does anyone have details on how to remove the upper control arm bushings? The service manual is not terribly helpful and references a tool that is expensive and difficult to come by.
  5. My partner and I are hoping to hit the road for several years this coming spring following the end of her graduate degree. We've been looking for a Dolphin. We don't necessarily plan to do an overly large amount of driving, and we don't really mind going at a leisurely place. We stumbled upon a 1986 4 Cylinder Automatic with 80,000 miles with nice condition interior. I have yet to test-drive it or inspect it myself (but have photos of it; the owner seems trustworthy enough); I am hoping to do so this week. Seller says they are third owner and that they are sad to part with it; it has Washington plates. Questions: --What things should I look for when inspecting it? --What things should I look/listen/test for when driving it? --It's being listed for $6,000 dollars. Is this a fair price? (This is pushing our budget, unfortunately). Is there a lower amount that would be considered a fair offer? --Is there a ballpark amount of money can I expect to put in with regard to maintenance initially? --We're outdoorsy people, and we're used to tent camping when we road trip; if we're spending longer periods of time in BLM sites with long term permits (i.e. it's parked for 1-2 weeks at a time), I am thinking that in that case we would take it out for weekend jaunts. Would this be harmful to the vehicle/not advisable? Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer! I am a newbie to Toyota RVs in general; really nice forum you've all got here. Cheers from Arizona.
  6. Hey everyone, I took my Travelmaster to get a tune up and my mechanic said the fuel tank sublet hose was deteriorating pretty bad. Sure enough, after I filled the tank all the way up I noticed about 1/4 of the tank had leaked overnight. I've called around my town to see if anyone has the replacement part but the part has been discontinued by Toyota and I'm having trouble trying to find it online. Any suggestions as to how I can find the part? It's a fuel tank sublet hose for a 1986 Travelmaster. The part number is 7721335110. Thanks!
  7. Hey everyone, I recently bought a 1986 Travel Master which doesn't have a generator. I'd like to have electricity while on the road so I'm wanting to install a generator but have no idea about generators in the slightest. What do I need to know about choosing/installing a generator?
  8. Inherited a new (to me anyway) 1986 Toyota Travel Master that was on its last appeal and headed to the scrapyard because the family didn't want it anymore. The best part was I got it for the grand total FREE minus the fuel cost of driving over another state to haul it back home and getting running again. Just couldn't stand the thought of not seeing it on the road again. Excited to find this forum and look forward to learning more from the other members. Current condition: Fuel tank is out and the drive train is disconnected. It only has just over 23,000 original miles Will be adding more photos and updating progress as the project continues Here's what it looked like when we finally got it home
  9. Greetings everyone, I just purchased a 86 Sunrader (21') and the front suspension is completely flat. I purchased a new prothane bushing (full) kit and new Blistein shocks for both front and back. But i can't seem to find anything about the actual springs. Can you purchase them? are they a complete pain to replace? I have heard people of taking them to a shop to be rearched / put in helper springs but i guess i'd rather have new ones put in if possible. I'm not above bringing it in but if i can do it myself i'd much rather do that. Thanks in advance!
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