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Found 4 results

  1. I just bought a 1986 Wanderlust from a generally unknowledgeable owner, who hardly used any aspect of the coach and had very little information to impart about its function. This was a bummer, as I haven't owned or operated an RV before and know very little as to the function of the electrical systems and appliances onboard. I've now done a bit of research, but still feeling a little stumped on a few things. Background info: it has 2 deep cycle batteries (which are pooched and I'm replacing), a few solar panels on the roof (45W total) with a Solar Charge Controller, there is also an inverter tucked away in a cupboard beside a big red switch that talks about inverters and backfeeding (see pic). My questions are: 1. When plugging in to the house 120V (or campground), do I need to do anything other than plugging it to get the resulting powering of the coach, and charging of the batteries? 2. I've been reading about converters when plugging into land power. Is this different than the solar charge controller? What does this look like? 3. When wanting to operate my 120V plugs in the coach, while not plugged in to a 120V land source, does the inverter (typically) need to be turned on? Are there other steps that need to happen so that I don't fry my electrical system/die a fiery death of avoidable mishaps? 4. How does "backfeeding" work with RVs? I've read about it when you're plugged into the grid using solar in a residential system, but not with RVs. Thats all for now, but I'm sure your answers will stir up more questions for me. Thank you in advance for all your help.
  2. Well, the list of needed repairs continues to mount—arghh... when will I be able to start actually using this RV again?! So, yesterday, I discovered that my Walmart Group 29 Marine Battery is registering <4.0 volts; I'm pretty much considering that thing toast... I can't imagine it would charge up again at this point (?). It is two years old, on the dot, and has been consistently abused, I assume, by the original Magnatek 6300 system in my Warrior. I have ordered a new Powermax converter/charger to upgrade my system, which I hope will increase the longevity of my replacement coach battery. My Question: Anyone found a good deal lately on a deep cycle battery that they'd like to recommend? Wally-World still the best bet for a sub-$200 replacement?
  3. Hey everyone. First of all, sorry for the large photos. I can't resize them. I just purchased this weather station for the Toy. The AC adaptor output shows 5vDC at 150mA. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00PKU3LEW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I want to hardwire it in to the 12v system. While it will run on AAA batteries, in that mode the display only lights up when you push a button. I would imagine I need to step the 12v down to 5v for the unit? If that's correct, would something like this work? It shows it will stepdown to 5v 3a. Is the 3a a maximum rating, or will it always pull 3a? Am I on the right track? Other suggestions? I want to keep power consumption low. I know the best way to keep consumption low would be not to include this - but I like gizmos. Thanks in advance. https://www.amazon.com/Nextrox-Converter-Power-Supply-Module/dp/B00A71CMDU/ref=sr_1_4?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1469896482&sr=1-4&keywords=12v+to+5v
  4. Hey all, We're preparing for our first time out in our new-to-us 1986 Sunrader and I am a little overwhelmed by all the info on the internet with regard to our electrical capabilities. Here's what we're working with: -2 batteries under the hood - one each for the cab and the coach -30 Amp cord for plugging in at campsites -One 12V DC plug in the dash and one in the coach -One AC wall outlet in the coach I purchased a 30 Amp extension cord and a 30A-120V adapter, as well as a little 75W inverter for the dash, which has one AC and two USB outlets. We will be doing a combination of camping at campsites, boondocking in national parks and forests and on BLM land, and boondocking in urban areas, usually in a friend's driveway or the street in front of the house. The longest we plan to stay in one spot is two nights. I know that the lights, fridge (3-way) and furnace work while boondocked, but I'm wondering what our other capacities may be, while boondocked, rolling down the road, and plugged in. Here are my most pressing questions: 1) Will the wall outlet in the coach work while rolling down the road? (I traveled with my sister and brother in law in their 38-footer and she was able to run a crock pot while we drove - seems like a great idea, but not sure if our rig is capable). 2) Will the wall outlet in the coach work while boondocked? If so, well enough to power a toaster or toaster oven (for some reason, toast feels very important and our oven doesn't have a broiler)? What about a small fan? And if it will power a fan, will it power it overnight? Is it ok to run a short extension cord within the coach from the wall outlet? 3) From what I can gather, we should only run the air conditioner in the coach when plugged in via the 30A at a campground. I assume since they sell (and we bought) the 30A-120V adapter that it is ok to plug-in to house power, but is it ok to do it via a heavy duty 120V extension cord? Can I run the air conditioner off that? Any other dos and don'ts when doing this? 4) From the reviews, I can gather that charging iPhones and iPods with the 75W dash inverter is ok, but there's no definite answer about a laptop. Any ideas? It would be for charging the laptop only, not actively using it. I'm going to give her a dry run in the driveway this weekend, sanitizing the water tanks, checking the oven to see how much the temp is off, seeing how good of a shower we can take, etc. I would really appreciate any feedback y'all might have so I don't go plugging things in willy nilly, blowing fuses, and causing unnecessary damage. Thanks so much for your time and I'm really excited to have such an amazing resource at our disposal. Thanks moderators and everyone who participates in the group. Eryn
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