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  1. So I went down the YouTube rabbit hole of rear diff videos. Working on the diff seems like a lot of work. I’m just gonna replace the pinion seal, work on the suspension and replace the lugs.
  2. I wasn’t sure if I needed to take it off or replace the seal with it on? I thought there was a seal that needs replacing on the axle side as well? I do not want to take it off if I don’t have to.
  3. I was getting the same “loud clank” before, but wasn’t sure what it was. The box was also leaking from the bottom. I bought a rebuild kit with all the gaskets. Besides adjusting it did you replace any gaskets? Looking at the fsm it seems like a pretty intricate job. Being that steering is a pretty important part of driving and staying alive, I just don’t want to mess things up more than they already are and not dying is also a priority!
  4. I want to replace leaf springs. New air bags, possibly with auto air adjustment. Shocks. Possibly replace brakes if the condition they are in is anything like to front ones. Also, the differential gasket needs to be replaced. Replace the lugs on the driver side.
  5. So I'm gonna purchase reconditioned calipers instead of rebuilding them myself. Should I only purchase ones that are for 1 ton chinook campers, or any 1 ton caliper is ok? https://centricparts.com/part-detail/14144086
  6. Finishing up passenger side. I forgot, but I’m pretty sure the washers for the idler arm bracket go on inside of frame behind the nuts, right?
  7. I rebuilt them the best I could. I would rather not take any chances. I will make a decision when I get the other side tore apart.
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