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  1. Good point about the axle. I definitely have more use for a motorhome at the moment than I do a flatbed, so I began taking the steps to do a rebuild from the roof down.
  2. Gulfstream Greg, That is exactly what I started doing in the rear of the coach before realizing the extent of the rot...Looks like I'll be doing it throughout. I think that this will live on as a simplified version of what it was. RedEmerald, I have mine registered in Oregon and it currently says "motorhome" I am guessing if any state is lenient on the definition of a "home" it is probably OR. JJRBus, beautiful work, although I am in a bit of a time crunch so I think my masterpiece will have to come later in life. Redskinman, looks like fun!! I will get some pictures up tomorrow for y'all.
  3. Hey all, I have a 1985 Dolphin with 60,xxx miles that I've owned for a couple years and I put half of that mileage on. This rig has been the most reliable vehicle that I've owned and have driven it coast to coast 6 times. I am an experienced tradesman and I recently endeavored on some minor repairs. Well you can guess what happens next...I have totally gutted this vehicle to find that practically every popsicle stick they put it together with is going to need to be replaced, and I was hoping to elicit some inspiration from stories of recovery from the brink of death, or when it was finally t
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