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  1. I did not say I called Toyota. I check vin# on Toyota main site and the site said that there was no recalls or service campaigns for my truck. Then I took it to an ex dealer mechanic for the check engine light. He had done hundreds of these gasket replacements and said this one has been done. I asked him how he knew. Toyota sent different head bolt that have stamp on them when they did the head gasket replacement.
  2. Thanks everyone for your reply. I did find out the head gaskets have been done. In the mean time check engine light came on. Found out knock sensor went bad. Replaced with new wiring harness. Also injectors cleaned and valves adjusted plus new fuel filter. Next project will be shocks airbags leaf spring bushings.
  3. I have 94 warrior that I want to replace airbags. The air bags on the unit are mounted on top of the spring in front of the the axle. I have seen some mounted on top of the axle. Which is better? Can you still get replacement bags for the original. I think they are 3Ts. If I go with load lifters 5000 should I get the ones with the jonce stopper or the ones without. That's the questions for now. Thanks to anyone responding to these questions. Denny
  4. Derek Thank you I will check with our local dealer. I am the third owner. I have all the service records from the second owner and know he did not do the head gasket or have the valves adjusted. Mileage is 88000. Run good and strong. The first owner put 30000 on it 1994 to 2000. I have no service records from those years. I tried my Vin on Toyota site which just said no recall or special service for that vin.
  5. I will have a bunch of questions down the line as I get into this new adventure.I have read a lot of the forum and enjoyed the humor side of this forum. The first question is about the v6 in my home. If Toyota says there are no recall or service campaigns for my vin # what does that mean? Has the service been done ( head gasket) and is that the reason it does not come up are is this campaign over? Second how do I find if its been done are not. Should I put this in the engine section?
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