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  1. **First..Fuel Pump Quit…. ** Second..Tank & Pump…Total RUST… **Third..Threads at Pump…unable to ‘break loose’…. Cut hard line about 3” from Rubber Link ——Bought New Tank—— ——Re-Used Fuel Pump Bracket ——Bought AfterMarket Fuel Guage Sender ——Advised by Toyota Rubber Link is No Longer Available **Fourth..bought High-Tech union to re-join the hard line… **Fifth..bought a Carter in-tank fuel pump AND Carter fuel filter **Re-installing the New Tank, tightening the High-Tech union and Rubber Link, is a challenge…. anyone willing to share hints of the easiest way to re-install i Anxiously Await Any Suggestions i have NOT searched the Archives… Red Ryder
  2. Maybe not the best description….chek out Toyota part # 23091-35050/NoLongerAvailable! Has anyone experienced a failure of this high-pressure link and succeed at an alternative? I have not searched ‘history’ on this subject…. thanx red
  3. Fuel Tank is ready to ‘drop’….however the rubber hose from fuel pump hanger bracket to rubber hose will not unscrew….toyota see…”no longer available’”! has anyone ever cut the rubber, and had a replacement hose ‘created’ at a hose merchant? not sure how to proceed-(if it were a brake line, my acetylene jewelers torch would allow me to heat-up and free that joint!) i have been soaking that joint with PB Blaster for 3-days….AND the opposite connection to the hard-line on the frame is not coming loose! considering cutting the hard-line then using a compression fitting, but I am dealing with metric steel tubing Come-On someone has already faced this challenge and succeeded thanx red
  4. i have been using Bon Ami powder to clean my sunrader with good results, WHY, no OXALIC ACID! calcium carbonate, sodium carbonate and sodium bi-carbonate.... (YES i am aware soda ash is a commercial soap component) plus,felspar and limestone dusts and corn oil, coconut oil and a tallow derivative i also use Bon Ami to polish the bugs off my windshield i use it sparingly on my toyota paint, with a wet rinse and dry OH, BY-THE-WAY BON AMI's slogan........HASN'T SCRATCHED, YET! try it and see red
  5. many years ago-----early 1970's to be exact. an 'anal-retentive' co-worker's Cruisers Inc gelcoat was not holding a 'gloss', to suit him.... i advised him to lightly scuff the gelcoat and re-coat with PPG Delthane automotive epoxy clear. it cost him a fortune and loads of elbow-grease! but he happily got 20+ years out of the boat! i haven't kept abreast of the latest technology, but betcha there are super high tech industrial coatings in the market today, that were not available back then. expect to pay big $$$$$
  6. this may interest someone looking for a project...........OR.............a source for driveline and sheetmetal source looks like a tampa/clearwater florida location http://tampa.craigslist.org/pnl/rvs/5897727774.html good luck, too far for me to consider red
  7. it is time to thinking of putting our 'toys' up for the winter............. i betcha you have bought many blue and silver 'pacific-rim' thru the years, that have degraded in the first year. a sign company was taking down the temporary vinyl sign, i asked and was given, for free, the no-longer needed sign, cut it to the size i needed, am still using it, all these years! the large freeway build boards are as much as 14 feet by 40 feet! more than enough to cover a micro-mini motorhome! find a tarp shop and you can have a custom cover made for your 'toy' L@@K for a crew changing-out a freeway sign, and ask to 'buy' their old sign. i found an advertisement in a swap N show paper for used signs.....$50 for the huge signs. $35 for the medium signs, $30 for the 'little fellers'. good luck red
  8. sadly i amnnot at that stage of my resurrection of my sunrader...
  9. first off, i don't out often. plus, i did not search for the latest post on the generator discussion from earlier this year/2016..... was at Prime Outlets Birch Run, Michigan Coleman store, late october saw a 3500 watt maximum power, running power 3,000 watt...inverter generator.....model CG3500i .$699.99. box said it was 61.73 lbs, 'extra quiet', 63db @ 23ft. is this puppy a re-badged product? anyone with more info, sales people said it was 'new' to their store. (the Birch Run Direct Tool store had 52 lb Power Stroke...2,100 -starting watt-/ 1,600 -running- watt/ inverter generators $524.99. i found it interesting inverter generator parallel kits for this generator were on the same shelf, $99.99, plus additional info was " compatible with Ryobi, PowerStroke, Gravely, Arias generators".) . red
  10. looking at the 'kit', is appears the FF axle was 'dressed' with backing plates. the pictured wheel cylinders suggest they were intended to be swapped-out during the axle change-out process. odd that the axle would have to be dis-assembled to change/upgrade the braking capacity. a parts man at my local toyota dealer was involved in the recall effort in the mid 80's.
  11. i would like a copy of the picture of the FF axle conversion parts, please for my 1986 Sunrader factory 'binder'....again please.

    FWIW, i made 'friends' with parts feller---chris/victory toyota, canton michigan. chris was involved with the toyota axle replacement 'effort' for now-defunct Walt Lazar Toyota/ Southgate, Michigan. he said a 'shop' was set-up, (chris did not describe it as walt lazar's shop) that would change-out the axles. he intimated a kit was sourced thru Toyota, walt lazar would take the vehicle to this 'shop' for the change-out, after completion the vehicle was returned to walt lazar. chris was unable to 'fill-in-the blanks' when i sought info regarding my axle change my using VIN, but did remember the 'recall'. 

    if you can send the picture to my e-mail LAE1027@AOL.COM and i will print it for my records/resources

    thanx Red

  12. was in Elkhart, yes Indiana, recently shopping 'surplus' stores. was super-surprised at the number that 'were no longer there'. saw a neat Carrier low-profile unit, priced $$$ right, cheked service parts support and decided against it. got back home and found a Dometic Penguin II swapped-out unit for half the $$$. but again it is time to get the 'experiences/opinions' from the Forum! the low profile appeals to me---9 1/2 is really sleek, certainly aerodynamic. after removing the 'shroud' i understand why---a horizontal compressor! never experienced a 'lay-down compressor', in 40 years of building mechanic/maintenance--(refrigeration...ice makers, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, water coolers, deep freezers, PTAC units!)- figger i will ask at the A/C, refrigeration wholesale house tomorrow...... anyone willing to comment, step and fill me in! always willing to learn RED
  13. on the first page changing rear tires mentioned....................my recent purchased Sunrader has high-tread rear tires, access to the outer tire-valve stem is reasonable, BUT on my bucket-list is pulling the rear tire-set......AND installing extension hoses from the inner valve stems. anyone know how long these extensions need to be? Ebay has 'extensions' starting at 7 inches long, some rubber, some stainless steel, again how-bout your hard-earned experience stories? the big-rigs i've driven have had them, but i have not seen extensions mentioned as i've read thru this site. thanx red
  14. re: maineah---- i figger $500 to get my A/C functioning, unless the 'planets align' jdemaris---- thanx for the picture! bob c---- salvage yards seem pretty scare does anyone have the part number for the A/C compressor? i have dealt with several aftermarket A/C systems---thru the years---i prefer the solid mounted compressor with a dedicated idler. gaining belt tension by moving the compressor can be a real 'challenge'! from a purely business perspective it makes sense that there were various/numerous A/C suppliers. my research shows there were manufacturers of aftermarket A/C components in central Texas, some re-located to the elkhart indiana area to supply the RV market. however when the RV market tanked several years ago many RV suppliers closed-up-shop. i plan a trip---soon--- to elkhart to do-a-L@@K-see for who and what is still there. i have been to elkhart to search --- the surplus businesses ---for odd RV parts several times. it makes for an interesting trip.there are several RV manufacturers just north of elkhart in three rivers, white pigeon sturgis, michigan for we, who travel with SWMBO's---(She Who Must Be Obeyed)---- plan a trip when Shipshewana Auction & Flea Market, tuesdays and wednesdays, may thru october, to allow varied 'searches'....... plus........search out RV manufacturers offering factory tours...................... i will continue my quest for A/C components thanx red
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