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  1. No i'm not sure where to find a wiring diagram. There isn't a ton of info out there on these machines, but searching thru this forum and you can learn alot from what others have done. Seems to be mostly trial and error and getting advice from others that have tackled some of the same problems.
  2. I don't have any more right now. I was gonna get more cut, but haven't gotten around to it. Nothing new really. Just been using the camper all summer. Got some camping in last weekend also.. This winter i'd like to do the floor and hopefully recover the cushions and some other small things. I'll update if i do.
  3. Never seen this done before. Looks like a good alternative to tearing up all the wood though.
  4. sounds like an epic trip. have fun!
  5. Nice, i probably should have gone a little more aggressive but he recommended this one. Did it affect fuel mileage?
  6. Thanks, if you can build a house though you can rebuild a toyota motor. Just need the basic tools, time, and patience. I forgot to add i did put a slightly more aggressive cam in it. Its the RV cam so i'm hoping that'll help with power too.
  7. Haha, sure, i work for food and lodging I enjoy getting away from my normal day of working on vw's and tinkering with this instead. Different kind of challenge.
  8. Back in and running. Took it out to do the initial break in and runs really well. Just need to adjust the valves and put some miles on it.
  9. Resurfaced flywheel and new clutch is on. Pretty much ready to set back in at this point.
  10. Coming along better now, i plan to put the motor back in next week. Head was resurfaced with new valve guides and seals, New water pump, fuel pump, gaskets, clutch, turned flywheel, cap, rotor, plugs etc. Anxious to start it up.
  11. Kinda stalled on getting the motor apart. Ended up buying a 73 challenger project car that i've been working on. Today i finally decided to get the motor torn down so i can get it to the machine shop and order oversized pistons, better cam, and basically a full rebuild kit. The motor had 130k on it and was using some oil. Once apart today i could see that the one timing chain guide had broken and the chain was wearing into the timing cover. It wasn't making noise so i would have never known. Pieces of the plastic guide were in the oil pan and partially plugging the oil pickup. Will also be
  12. Decided to pull the motor today. I'm going to rebuild it because it was using some oil and could probably use a freshening up anyways. Will probably put a little better cam in it for power also. Took about 2 1/2 hours to get it out. None of it was real difficult, just takes a little patience.
  13. Thanks Linda, i like the look too, next up will be the flooring and reupholstering the cushions.
  14. Few more updates going on with the camper. Painted the rest of the cabinets today and yesterday. Took all the cabinet doors off and painted the edges a gray color then the rest a cream. Looking forward to getting them back on. Also have new knobs for all the cabinet doors.
  15. Ok let me know when you get it pulled. The glass isn't an issue getting. Its the same as an 84 toyota pickup and there are thousands of those on the road so don't worry about that.
  16. Thanks for the compliment! I can make one for you, i don't have my old one to make another template and i don't really wanna pull the new one since it is screwed and glued in already. If you can get your old one off and keep it mostly intact i can work with that.
  17. Welded a bumper hitch to the camper today to pull a small trailer if i need. Also stripped off the paint and repainted it black to match the front bumper.
  18. this sounds fun, and only 2 hours from me. I'll let you know!
  19. Got rid of the steps i was using and had to carry around and installed a single pull out step. Was pretty solid bolted thru the floor, but i welded a threaded rod to each side of the step bracket and to the frame of the camper. Now it doesn't budge even a little when stepped on.
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