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  1. Defrag4,


    I've been talking to your 3.4 swap buddy Ed. I'm in the process of doing the 3.4 swap on a 92 Warrior. I bought the crossover pipe from ORS. How did you modify your shifter linkage? Do you have pictures? I appreciate any advice.

    You can email me johnjab01@aol.com



  2. oh buddy, from a toyota to a VW Eurovan... good luck brotha
  3. also feel free to join us over at PanAm Travelers forum for real advice from people who have been there/are there currently https://www.facebook.com/groups/panamtravelers/
  4. an older for sale ads from a 84 dolphin who made it https://www.facebook.com/groups/panamtravelers/?post_id=2323301521042000
  5. also the cost to RORO your rig around the darien gap will likely be more than the rig itself 😛
  6. More than a handful of Toyhomes have done it already in both 3VZE and 22RE rigs, I drove my 4runner 22re down there and found parts in most every country, the hilux shares most of the suspension bits i would get as much ground clearance as possible, whether you do that with additional leafs, shackles, airbags, or spacers is up to you, but dragging that big ol behind over topes and muddy ditches will be your biggest issue i actually think I saw a toyhome for sale recently in Chile, let me see if I can find it
  7. ya ive seen it done on the 4runners/pickups as well, just not on a yoterhome hows the ol gal running Ed?
  8. lotta chatter and some silly arguments in this thread (what was up at that stamar guy?) but i only saw 3 successful swaps posted, all 3.0 -> 3.4 I know ive seen an older Sunrader 4x4 with a 350 chevy in it, but thats about the only 22RE swap ive seen, has anyone else taken the plunge on the 4cylinders?
  9. handy little gauge there ed I was recently driving around in baja and suddenly lost power, coasted over to the side of the road, truck wouldnt start back up, she would crank and crank but never fire up, so my brain goes straight to fuel, i check all the connections, all looks good pop the fuse box and sure enough the EFI fuse is blown, i swap a new one in, boom she fires right up, my wife praises my genius and down the road we go.... for about 5 minutes, lose all power again, fuse is popped once more i had just got some exhaust work done so I crawl under the truck and take a look, I start tracing the wires from the fuel pump back to the front of the truck, sure enough find a bundle of wire sagging down onto my fancy new exhaust... 3 of the wires had melted and were shorting each other out, i cut the sheathing back a bit, cleaned up the wires and wrapped them indiviudally in electric tape, secured the wires up with a zip tie, put in a new fuse and no more issues! When i got back home I used some heatshrink/solder connectors to fix her up right
  10. id go with the toyota lug nuts, the dorman one fits but it is a different size hex head, think it was a 21mm, not the 23mm that all the other factory nuts use pricey at ~$6 a nut, but cheaper than shearing your rim off!
  11. Rear Wheel Studs - Dorman 610-339 - https://amzn.to/2TKuG9w Rear wheel stud nut - Toyota Part No.: 94115-71400 Rear Wheel stud washer - Toyota Part No.: 90201-14006 6-Lug Acorn Wheel Nut - Dorman 611-118 - https://amzn.to/2S9fWPO Wheel Nut Toyota Part No. - 90942-01055 - https://www.toyotapartsdeal.com/oem/toyota~nut~hub~for~axle~90942-01055.html?Make=Toyota&Model=Pickup&Year=1992&Submodel=2+Wheel+Drive-JPP&Filter=(d=USA;1=3VZE;4=STD;5=ATM;6=4HC;7=RCB;8=WT;9=HLF;13=IV6;14=T1;0=VZN85L-TWSREA6)
  12. My rig was built in california and also has the dual cats, finally getting them chopped off down here in Mexico, let that puppy breathe! no emissions in our home state of FL, good luck with california
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