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  1. Epic rebuild. I'm really liking the barn boards look. I'm assuming pallet pieces? GREAT job!
  2. I'm more than happy to clear that up and I hope that the OP forgives me for bringing this topic farther off course, but being that I was asked a direct question and there are clear misunderstandings, I feel like maybe I should respond. I've never said anything negative about this forum as far as I know. Saying there are bad apples here is not the forums fault, and it has no affect on the value of this forum. It certainly does taint one's experience while here. It's like saying you like Disney world but hate the people you are sitting next to on the rollercoaster. I can't see how that is a negative review. As far as Narcissism goes, yes I suppose that's an opinion, but an opinion that was guided by an understanding of the medical diagnosis of narcissism. I'm no doctor, so yes It's my opinion. You mentioned how problematic members get dealt with and how you disagree with how that process works. Here's the scenario... if you created a place for all to enjoy, with documents explaining how you expect people to treat each other and the understanding that by joining, you agree to those rules...then shouldn't you be allowed to expel someone from the group you created (or warn them) if they are jumping into every conversation calling everyone a racist, bigot, white supremacists, and throwing swears around and generally just making the place everything you didn't want it to become? (that actually recently happened) You don't have to agree that it's ok to make rules. You can think that the admin is a narcissist for being that controlling, but honestly he created it and people agreed to the rules. No one is forcing anyone to be there. But we do all expect that we treat each other with respect. And because of those expectations, it is an awesome group. When someone makes it not-so-awesome, they either get a warning, or if some behavior is completely out of line, they would probably get booted. This rarely ever happens. I've personally only seen it happen maybe once that I can recall, and I think they took it upon themselves to leave because we were all "white supremacists". I have almost no experience with the yahoo page, so I can't comment on what goes on there. I've seen the admin for the facebook page reject people's request for banning people. Multiple times he has been asked if he can ban a member. He generally doesn't want to police the page. He expects better from people, and because of the understanding of respect we all have for each other, conversations rarely go sour. If I had to make a comparison between here and there, that is probably the biggest disappointment I have with this forum. Lack of mutual respect. I generally try to keep things civil and I give respect while expecting it in return. We are after all, adults here. I don't jump directly to negativity or snide comments when I disagree with someone, although I may try to propose a different view or opinion. I stop giving respect when there is clearly no expectation of respectful dialogue. " I also know that communication via a keyboard and not face-to-face can lead to many a misunderstanding." - probably the truest thing ever written. Which is why I try to give everyone here the benefit of the doubt if it isn't blatant disrespect. I've never seen someone accused of being entitled, selfish, narcissistic, negative, or even bad-tempered. I'm generally a good guy and I try to add value to discussion wherever I leave a word trail. I'm not saying I'm not guilty of any negative characteristics, but I don't come in here looking to irritate anyone and will gladly make an attempt at mending any wrongs I've done. The last three sentences are about as narcissistic as I care to be. Jde and I have certainly had our fair share of misunderstandings and childish banter, but we got it out, moved on, and it's water under the bridge as far as I'm concerned. I am more than happy to give that same respect to anyone here. If I'm still not being clear, my PM works perfectly fine and there's no need to drag this on in this guys thread anymore than it already has. Please and thank you in return.
  3. I have never flaunt pictures of my guns online. The guy you are thinking of was reported and eventually I believe he chose to remove the picture. Unless you are seeing a different picture than I am remembering. To answer Totem again: If I have ever made a comparison of the facebook group to this forum, it was only to echo what others have said that I agree with. I'm only being honest, and I've never said anything negative about this forum. There are a lot of great features about this forum, unfortunately the members are what make a forum and in comparison the facebook page isn't tainted by any over-opinionated narcissistic members. If there are problematic members, they get dealt with. That is why the facebook page is thoroughly enjoyed by more people, with a lot of them having left here with the same opinions. People don't like negativity, and tend to go where the drama is few and far between. Unfortunately, and at no fault of the moderators or functions of this forum, this page has been trashed by repeat offenders and people get fed up with it. My comments about this page might not go unnoticed by anyone, but that works both ways. And there's people here who have years of reputation that aren't going unnoticed. Give respect, get respect. It's a simple concept.
  4. It's also a great place to host a Toy-in/rally!
  5. I'm confused why you have taken it so personally. Facebook doesn't ask for your home address, so why would it be any worse then organizing a toy-in here? If people want to raid my house while I'm gone, they would still need to figure out where I live don't you think? And yes, facebook is the most active outlet for Toyhome owners, there is nothing false about that statement. I post here for a couple reasons. One of those reasons is to keep in touch with folks who refuse to use facebook. If I'm organizing a toy-in, I'd like to advertise to the widest audience possible and not ignore you guys. If you think this site is far better than the facebook site, there's no one that can tell you different and you have every reason to believe that. By the way, I've never been targeted to be parted with my money. I have no idea how your fear is generated. I'd like to know what I did to anger you, it seems like you can't come into any discussion I'm in with anything more than an argument.
  6. My advice- Decide when you want to have a toy-in. Call local Campgrounds and see if they can accommodate your estimated group number (they might offer a group discount). Advertise on the Facebook group (most active outlet for Toyhome owners currently). Advertise on here to catch anyone who might not be using facebook. Communicate details and updates out to both here and the facebook group as you get them. I've organized two Toy-ins now and it's literally as easy as planning a weekend with a few friends. Just make sure all your friends and the landowners know whats going on and you will have a great time. Best of luck! By the way, if Vermont is within your driving distance, I am in the works of planning a Toy-in for memorial day weekend 2017. If you are interested, the facebook page will be more up-to-date, but I will try to keep checking in here with updates.
  7. Planning for a memorial day weekend 2017 Toy-In (Vermont) already being planned, I will start a new thread.
  8. Glad to hear you had a blast, I wish I could uproot from the daily grind and get back on the road again.
  9. I know it's been a few months...but how did the rest of the trip turn out?
  10. I know this thread is a couple months old, but just in case anyone lingers in here with a similar question, 22rec is the same exact engine as the 22re. the "c" just means it's California emissions compliant for that era. 22r/re/rec engine parts will be available for decades to come.
  11. A common problem with the 22r-22re engines were bad front main seals. It's apparently an easy and fairly inexpensive job if you have an afternoon to kill. If you can smell the oil burning, most likely your engine is not "burning it", but rather the oil is leaking from a seal on to the engine and burning, causing the smell. If your exhaust is smoking blue, then your engine is "burning oil". Hope that helps you find your problem. In my case, my valve cover gasket is old and needs replacing, so I leak very little oil but my engine bay is a mess because of it. I drove 10k miles last month and only had to top it off with *maybe half a quart when I was 3/4 of the way into my trip. MontanaChinook- Thanks for following our progress, we had a amazing time! If anyone else would like to see pictures from our trip, find my thread on our honeymoon and click the link I posted in the last comment on the last page!
  12. I'm pretty sure it was you I saw, it was at night but I remember bikes and a big rear window. I honked but you gave no notice. haha Or maybe it wasn't you, but it was identical to your home and had all the stuff you described.
  13. Dunlop Graspics are great tires, I ran them on a couple FWD Hondas I had, and although a Honda is a tank in snow with or without snow tires, they were troopers. As far as the Goforms go, Good rubber certainly does come cheap.
  14. Everyone bashes the low-cost tires because they associate cost with reliability or quality. It's not always the case. $58 is extremely affordable and so was the $53 or so I payed for my Goforms. All it boils down to is some people feel good about buying a $500 vase and some people are happy with the $20 vase. (I'm only saying that in reference to Goform vs. it's competitors in our size range). Relating all brands of asian made tires to the stigma of the generalized "asian tires are junk" theory is not accurate, because not all brands of tires made in the asian countries contributed to that stigma. Not to mention; with a little research you can see who makes or finances the manufacturing of the product you're about to buy. A simple google search will tell you that a lot of the "no-name" tires are made by reputable companies as a cost-effective alternative to try and gain the more customers from the frugal market. Which, in our case with the Goforms, are made with "hankooks technology". Federals have always been a good tire as far as I am concerned, and I've run them on several cars of mine. I only had one instance where a Federal tire was less than satisfactory, and that was a "sport" tire made by Federal. Once the tires had worn down to about 50% tread, they screamed at 20-35mph. So loud It was giving me a headache over the sound of my radio. I blame the tread design, although the tires had no damage or flaws and would've gone another 15k miles had I been able to put up with the noise. I say, if you can buy a sufficient tire for the job at 50% of the cost of the big-name alternative, and have it perform the same exact way with the same exact reliability...why buy the $500 vase?
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