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  1. Hi Maineah: Thanks, I'll have my Dolphin inside of the shop in the morning. Currently outside and the temperature just plummeted. Need to drain the fresh oil I put back in the engine yesterday. Truly, Stephen
  2. Hi Zach: The general condition of the is OK. My current mechanic suggested I replace the fuel injector o-rings as he thought they were starting to get leaky. I assume the fuel injectors could be replaced while the head is removed? Truly, Stephen
  3. Hi Maineah: For clarification, fill the radiator up with the oil drain plug removed to see if water comes out? And this water would come out with the engine not running? Truly, Stephen
  4. Hi Zach: The original issue, why me former mechanic suggested rebuilding the head, was low compression in #3 cylinder. He adjusted the valves, but said that it may not have any effect if the #3 valves were not completely closing. yes, I am probably overthinking as is my nature. I had a chat with the local NAPA guys. They can send the head out for evaluation and estimate for rebuild at no cost to me. Would this be a better next step than pulling the engine and swapping it for a used or rebuilt? Truly, Stephen
  5. Hi Maineah: An interesting theory to check out for sure. Leaning towards just pulling the entire engine then figuring out cause of failure. Truly, Stephen
  6. Hi Zach: Thanks, I have a line on a couple local shops, one that even encourages one to come by to check it out. Being Sunday, I'll have to give them a call tomorrow. Truly, Stephen
  7. Hi jdemaris: Brilliant! I finally got to chat with my brother firefighter Dream Weaver tonight. My marching orders from him are to research a local engine rebuilder and the cost of a rebuilt engine and shipping. Rob's thought being alot of what you described in your last post, just no tellin how much wear on the engine as a whole.......... On the positive front, Dream Weaver assures me we can swap out the motor in 2 days, yep he's that good. So, I'll plan on posting what I find out before taking action..........Thanks for all of your insight. Truly, Stephen
  8. Hi 5Toyota: I have had my Dolphin for the past 34k of the 90k total miles on the odometer which I put on in 2 years. I have regularly changed the oil and antifreeze, drive without winding the gears out, know its limitations i.e. driving the 6-7% grades from Denver to Evergreen or over the Continental Divide at 25mph in 2nd gear. No tellin how my Dolphin was treated for the first 56k miles over its 26 year lifespan for those miles. Truly, Stephen
  9. Drained the oil, actually got quite abit of coolant first as oil floats. After the pure coolant came out of the oil drain, the gray-colored oil came out. I am letting it drain until the last drops come out. Drained the remaining coolant from the radiator. What do you think about changing the oil filter, filling with fresh oil and starting the engine to get some "good" oil coating the inards of the engine? Stephen
  10. Hi Zach: No, haven't drained the oil, yet. Didn't think about it much until I saw your Post; gonna get that done right now, thanks. Truly, Stephen
  11. Hi Maineah: I always appreciate your input, thanks. Investigating with an experienced mechanic will be invaluable. I'll post what we find and let you all know what we find before taking action. Truly, Stephen
  12. Hi DerekUpNorth: Correct, did not do the head work. Coolant in the oil, gray colored oil, and about 2 qts over full tells me probably the head gasket. compression check when mechanic wanted to do head had low compression, he said on all cylinders and #3 lower than the others. the valves were adjusted at that time. Agreed more investigation before pulling the whole engine. I have the shop space and time ( fortunately) Truly, Stephen
  13. Hi jdemaris: The points you bring up are excellent, one of the reasons I value this forum so much. I can still just pull the head and have a look. Our Fire Dept mechanics will help me, too, to evaluate before just pulling it. Thanks for your input, I'll share what I find before taking action. Truly, Stephen
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