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  1. Great suggestion Karin. I'd been concerned about those matters, and after I read your post I spent a lot of time studying the overhead with that in mind while I was shoring up leak damage. I'm thinking now the overhead bed is going to be a First Class Passenger compartment for felines during travel. Might put some hideyholes up there so they don't have to look at one another constantly, but maybe not. Thank you. Jack P
  2. 5Toyota and 90ToyDolphin: Thanks for the replies. Looks aren't a factor for me, but water is. Still, I hate to waste that bubble as a place to put a GPS receiver. At the moment the crack's looking at Gorilla tape as a temporary fix. Gracias, Jack
  3. WME: Understatement. I test drove it on pavement, knew it needed shocks but didn't recognize how badly. But it's a mile of sometimes 4wd road between me and the pavement and it's bad to the feel. Seems to be deteriorating fast, but maybe it's just a growing awareness.
  4. Bunneys - Nice job of work. Thanks for referring me to this. Gracias, Jack
  5. Thanks Derek. The shocks have moved to the forefront of my puzzlements. Already got the helper coil springs orderd from JC Whitney, so I count that one all over but the workage. Gracias, Jack
  6. Thanks WME. I'm hoping I won't have to do that because the truck is my transportation to town. Thanks for the link. I'm not certain at the moment where to go with the shock issue, but it's my next priority. I can feel the banging on the steering wheel from the lousy front shocks when I hit bumps. Gracias, Jack
  7. After reading what's been said on the threads about repairing the front window I've decided I'll probably go with the advice someone provided to do away with the window. It wasn't clear anyone's done that, but some said they'd choose the option if they had it to do over. The plexiglass is crystalized and besides the spiderwebbing a person can see from the inside, one crack a knifeblade will fit into and another beginning spice up the landscape. My tentative plan is to cut a piece of panelling the size of the channel behind the window, use an electrical plug box on the in-between side to keep
  8. I love the site and even though I've only been coming here a short while I figure it's already saved me a few hundred bucks and a lot of headaches on my spring issues. I expect it will save me more on other issues over time. At the moment I'm climbing out of the hole I dug for myself buying this house on wheels, and over the next couple of months I'll be climbing harder on other issues involving it I mightn't have if I'd read here before I bought. So when I'm back with some margin between my income and my dollar discharge in a couple of months I'm going to send a money order to support the co
  9. WME: Pure inspiration to me. After studying your overkill hitch and seeing evidence of what you're pulling on it I'll feel a lot more comfy doing some reinforcing on my existing configuration and putting together a hitch to pull a gutted out popup camper converted to a cargo trailer a couple of feet high with a snap-off roof. Something to hold a few prospecting tools, a handyman jack, clothing, and a few hundred pounds of cat food. Jack
  10. Thanks WME. The nearest neighbor has a lathe, drillpress and a lot of bushing material left over from a lifetime maintaining heavy machinery. He's offered to let me use all to replace whatever I can get loose to replace. In fact I'll be replacing those dolly-wheels that way, too, even though they aren't badly reduced in diameter. I figure cheap and easy's too argumentative in favor of doing it. Thanks for the information/link on the rot issue. I'll study on it. I've got ten gallons of metal roof repair cement I bought at an auction a couple of years ago for the cabin roof that's still se
  11. Thanks WME. That looks as though it might be ideal. And after all, life's a temporary place for human beings, felines and vehicles. Temporary might prove to be exactly the right distance. Gracias, JackP
  12. Looks great. Mind sharing the cost, source, etc, of the kit? Also, how long did the installation take you? Thanks, JackP
  13. Maineah: A worthy concern. At the moment the CG's lowered enough to drag the dolly-wheels at every opportunity. I suspect raising it, even back to the original, will make a difference I'll notice. And having those springs atop the axle, instead of below it won't add any new strength to them. They'll just be sagging from a few inches more altitude. Hopefully I'll have whatever wisdom's needed to evaluate it once I take it down the road a bit for testing, assuming the mounting project is possible. Thanks for the observations. I welcome them all. Gracias, JackP
  14. Davidadro: Thanks. Two of these cats are what? 14 years old, 13? and one's a decade into the life adventures. They've been through a good many relocation traumas and picked up some savvy along the way, so I hope it will serve them. But they have minds of their own and we co-exist as opposed to them thinking I the king. My choices are limited and I'm having to do the brainwork to get us out of here. If at some point one of them or more than one decides there's a more favorable alternative I'll try to wish him or her well without a lot of drama or grief. Thanks for sharing your experien
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