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  1. Thanks for your reply. I swapped out again with original vent and found that the fan was defective. Returning and replacing with a Fantastic Fan 1250 instead.
  2. Hi I am trying to install a Maxxfan 4000k plus to replace original vent in bathroom (1994 winnebago). Everytime I try to connect it it blows the 15 fuse. When I disconnect and put new fuse without connecting fan the lights on its side work. Should I go up to 20 fuse ? I've replaced my lights with LEDs if that makes difference. I have original power converter too. I'm not electrician..just trying to DIY. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for the info @Ctgriffi ! This is exactly what I needed as my 94 Warrior also went kaput. If you get a chance, post your picture. Cheers
  4. Thank you both jjrbus and DanAatTheCape for the feedback! I will take a look at the valve ( I had no idea about the fe/male threads) and try the easy check. I do appreciate your taking the time to write back. EDIT: I didn't check the washer either.
  5. Hi, the water inlet for hooking up a hose leaked all over during my last rv park stay and I'm pretty sure it's the original. I found this on Amazon and was thinking it should fit but was hoping someone on board would be able to confirm. The holes look in about the right spots. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005947Z3M/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_4?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER Thank you!
  6. Would very much appreciate the write up and pictures if you already have them For some of us (me) this might not be so simple...
  7. When i bought my 94 MicroWarrior it had two tanks, the standard and an additional one which I think may also be 17 gals. The secondary feeds the generator. It's been really convenient, especially after having experienced an older '83 22' Lazy Daze which drank fuel like a beast and was built like a tank. I miss the sturdiness of that RV though and wish Lazy Daze would venture into shorter lengths again.
  8. Nice, I will look at that one too. And splice it to that little terminal adapter.
  9. The buck converter looks like a piece of candy to me - that or a lego. This part is definitely going to take more brain power to understand. Regarding size of tv, I'm thinking 19-22" or so. I was also thinking of one of those combo DVD units but that might be even harder to find as a regular tv. I will start looking at best buy now that I know what to look for.
  10. Thanks again for the lengthy explaination @Back East Don. I read through your info. twice - will probably need to read again to fully understand it but at least now I know how to tell if the electronic is 12v, look at the back and the Output. I've always looked back there but it's been jargon to me until now. And you used the lamp 2 conductor cable from the home depot to extend the 12v wiring so you could plug in your fan at multiple locations - using the ribbed part as the ground. That's cool - pun intended - and it seems pretty easy to do - except for the part about the DC section of your power center. Do you mean the box under (my) sofa with all the fuses? If so, do you just connect the cable to an unused fuse terminal? Is that how you add an extra 12v power outlet? Thanks for the pictures, they are very helpful.
  11. @Back East Don - I'm a bit clueless when it comes to knowing if something runs 12 volt like your Visio. How can you tell? Which model is it, did it have 12 volt/DC listed on the features list? Usually I only see the Naxa, Axess and Skyworth brands and I haven't read that many great reviews on them. I also don't quite understand how you use that plug from Amazon to connect to your O2 Cool fan especially when that plug portion doesn't look like it would fit in the 12 volt plug of an rv? I know I'm missing something really obvious. I think you are right on about having devices that run at 12 volts rather than 120 and an inverter. I just wish I understood this better.
  12. I think a generator is worthwhile - I wouldn't mind using it except for the fact that it is hella loud and I feel really bad running it when I have neighbors so I don't. That's why I'm interested in a quieter model like the Honda/Yamaha. Good to know about the replacement jets for higher elevations.
  13. I still have my air conditioner because I live in Arizona and have yet to retire, so unable to venture too far on the weekends. Really?
  14. I'm almost not wanting to bother taking it in to the shop to fix the atrocious sound. I really like the idea of the Honda except for the fact that you have to take it out and chain it up to use it. I've had the Toy for about three years now and I think I've run the generator maybe three times while camping. And in higher elevations it's been useless. I'm seriously thinking of removing it and maybe converting the hole where it is into something I can use for storage. Why have you kept yours? Another item I'd like to change is the furnace. I think I'd like to have a propane line added to the inside so I can use a catalytic heater like the Olympian. I've heard they use less juice electrically and propane which is helpful when you have just one house battery.
  15. Linda S, do you have an air conditioner that you would recommend? The Coleman Polar Cub keeps coming up in searches as an option. I'm in a similar boat as the OP. I have the original Kohler 2.5K generator and it is so loud when I run it that my dogs freak out not to mention how it annoys the neighbors. Due to this fact I don't even use the thing. I asked my local RV mechanic what he thought and he said if it runs you may just need a muffler. He said I shouldn't get rid of it - my initial request - since it's running and for resale. I don't plan on selling anytime soon.
  16. Wow, thank you very much @Back East Don for the great information, especially since I hadn't even considering adding up what I will use. Based on this information I will go for the 45 amp as well since I do plan on using a 12 volt tv down the line as well as a Maxx Fan. Have a great evening.
  17. I realize this is an old post but which 4600 series replacement should I get for a 93/94 V6 Winnebago? There are three options, 35, 45 or 55 AMP and why? I realize this is a newbie question but I would like to replace mine based on the information I've read in this post. Thanks for bringing this up and for providing links to the products, that's been real helpful. I also thought this was an informative video on the subject:
  18. Thank you all very much for the information. I just did a search and came up with the following: http://www.rvwholesalers.com/catalog/heavy-duty-insert-trim-1-x-25-white.html?gclid=COLWzK-nusMCFYWFfgodF0sALg The insert trim is in pretty good condition and long. I figure I will try the heat it up with hair dryer first as Ace57 suggested. It's still in good condition and the other side is fine. Thanks again for setting me off in the right direction, it's very much appreciated!
  19. This strip recently popped out of its channel and I've tried putting it back in but it keeps coming out. I didn't want to use glue or any adhesive because there is no trace of any in there but I'm not sure how to keep it tucked in. It is on the side of the sun which I figure has tightened it up. Thanks for any suggestions !!
  20. Lias

    Toy door strip

    From the album: lsabug 91 winnebago

    I don't know what this strip is called but I would like to fix it :I
  21. Lias

    lsabug 91 winnebago

    album for images i can add to posts
  22. Thank you so much for those pictures. It really helps. I'm going to check mine and then I guess replace the valves (if they aren't these types) with the ones on the tirerack.com site: http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tiretech/techpage.jsp?techid=208 I'm assuming I would get one of these that is 2"? 600HP 80 1.27 0.453 or 602HP 80 2.00 0.453 And the 4" valve extenders labeled part #8029vs along with the stem supports. My toy currently has these extenders but one side is leaking. I'm not sure if they are original or the previous owner put them on. They have that attachement to hold the extender down which I hope to reuse with new extenders.
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