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  1. I am six feet tall in hiking boots. I cannot stand up straight in many brands of Toyota RV's. One salesman (15 years ago when you still found these on RV lots) told me I'd learn to duck. I said no, that I just wouldn't buy those short things. My current RV is custom-built (I am the second owner) and has about 73" ceiling height, so I'm fine.
  2. Late reply because I am new here. Are you sure that your 4x4 is a Dolphin? Does it have a label that says so? I don't remember them building any 4x4's. I live in the San Diego area (Dolphin factory is one county north) and have had a custom-built 4x4 that is similar to a Dolphin for the last 15 years. (see it at www.geocities.com/toyota4x4rv/) Sunrader built some 4x4's. See them on this site. Sunraders are worth more than Dolphins on the used market, even with same engine, same condition, same mileage. My 4x4 is for sale. 140K miles. I am pricing it at $4800 even though I think it is worth more because I get free advertising in the local paper if under $5000 and because I need to sell it soon to make way for my new 4x4 RV. (see it at www.geocities.com/toyota4x4rv/) There is a document in the files section of the Yahoo Toyota campers group that gives guidelines for pricing to sell.
  3. In hot weather in my tiny RV without A/C, cold treats are really welcome. Here are a few favorites: 1. Red seedless grapes. Separate them, wash them, put them into a small container/baggie, and freeze. 2. Water bottles that come with a removable center core which fits into a tiny freezer. 3. Otter Pops or similar. These are little plastic tubes of non-nutritious colored and flavored sugar water, but when it's hot they taste pretty darn good. Other brands exist, sometimes you can find sugar-free ones, and once I saw some juice-based ones in a health food store. Good thing about these is when they melt they don't leak all over your frig.
  4. Cyclist, I think you made a wise choice. I'm new here today, so hadn't chimed in on this before. In 1992, a year after I bought my used 4x4 Toyota custom RV, the pseudo-dually setup failed. It was bolt-on Arrowcraft extenders. All of the bolts sheared. The two right rear wheels decided to go their own way down the road. Fortunately, I had been alert to the odd pre-separation noises. There were a couple of loud snaps, then some thumps like a flat tire. I had stopped the rig several times to investigate and not been able to see or feel anything wrong. As I started up from the last stop and turned left out of the parking area, the right rear wheels came off at a very slow speed. The rig just set itself down, clunk. No one was hurt. I cannot believe how lucky I am! Repairs, first a temporary one and then a full Toyota dually axle, plus repairing damage to the side wall, cost about $4000 in 1992. I've been happily adventuring in this repaired rig ever since. Good luck and safe driving with your new axle! Toyota4x4RV
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