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  1. Good Morning, Hope everyone is doing well. I took my house battery before I put my camper in storage and how I opened it up to put a battery back in and I could not figure out which wire goes where. Note to self to take pics next time before undoing anything. 1. I have 4 6-Awg wires, 2 with black tips [1 came off the connector, I am going to recrimp that using a new connector) 2 with red tips 2. Another lone 14 Awg wire [came off the connector) The red tip ones are POSITIVE and black TIP ones are NEGATIVE I am g
  2. lol, I know the feeling, been falling into little pieces myself, can't tie a fly anymore without taking my glasses off, arrrrrgh. UP - good choice, on my flight back last week I met a couple from Munising, they were encouraging me to camp over night in the pictured rock. From my loc in GR it will be 8 hours. I have camp spot on the Betsie south of Traverse, love the area but restaurants are few and far...
  3. Going from Utah to Arizona there are some sharp mountain switch backs, I have to admit that 9 days would be tough. IA, NE, KS, MO all are boring drives, IL - is not only dicey to stop, at night, the rest areas are also full sometimes, I was towing my tow behind camper with my truck and I had to park on the shoulder to get some shut eye.
  4. Which route? via KC > OK > NM? If you are going to spend a a week or more, it would be enjoyable, it take me that long to recover from the muscle ache from sitting down that long :-(. I am considering a West Coast trip (Hi Linda) spanning 3 weeks, were I leave the camper there and fly back home for week and then go back trek back again. Go west via I-90 and come back Via I 10 > I -65
  5. UP, I am going to start in GR and go up to Mac City, And then? I am mean do the south drive via Manistique? or go up to Munising > Marquette > ? Ahah, you started on the WI side, hmm, I have a buddy in Appleton, she bought a house there, so I can camp in her house and fish the lake :-). So If I start in MI side from the MAC, it is 3 hours to Marquette/Pictured Rock, staying at pictured rock overnight makes sense. Cool, I will do a quick search for your trip report.
  6. Antelope Canyon, I did not get tired of looking out of the window, I made that trip in 1997, wow, we headed up to Cedar City UT to spend the night. If you go down there make sure you get the fried chicken from the tribal supermarket in the corner of 64 and 89, the best chicken I have had (disclaimer: that was 20 plus years back :-)) FYI: DI has the west end closed till spring break, they are waiting for Fed $$$ to clean it up. The upper loop is something I want to do this year, what would be a good spot to spend the night midway from Bridge with clean restrooms?
  7. Hi Totem, Ok, thanks for the update, it is a loss for the board and us. Good to hear he is well. Lol, diesel viscosity is no runny matter ;-) How are ya? Are you heading down to Dauphin Island anytime soon? I was in Navarre, FL 2 weeks back, it is very nice there.
  8. I spent some time catching up on the forum, I did not see any recent post from JD, anyone here in contact with John?
  9. Here is the one I installed. https://www.amazon.com/Camco-Cleaning-Aerodynamic-Included-Hardware/dp/B000BUQODG
  10. I have a cover over my front vent/fan and I leave it cracked all seasons, in my bigger tow behind camper I leave both vents open all season, it airs out and drys.
  11. The damage is probably not a bit, when you peel the layers away will might find more than you imagined. Being the lowest point, any moisture comes down and settles. you can use a marine grade ply to replace what is there now with a foam board insulation. I looked into honeycomb material, light, strong and bragging factor. Resealing edges with proper caulk and resealing marker lights should also be done. Don't forget to take windows off and use the butyl tape to reseal the windows. FYI in mine the leak was from the front marker lights
  12. Greetings from West MI, it is has been a while since i have here, hope everyone is doing well. Last year went in a blitz with work, kids and travelling. I spend zero days camping last year. Hopefully 2018 will be better, planning a trip to yellowstone with the kids and few trips to Northern MI. I saw the ad for taco-nook, dang, that is nice.
  13. Hey Totem i fish in ceder point fish pier also in Dauphin island sorry to hear about the troubles i
  14. You don't want to end up with a head gasket job, drain and fill with distilled water couple time and then get a compatible coolant and refill at 50/50 strength.
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