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  1. JJR's photo shows the spare in the location Toyota designed. Dolphins and Seabreazes moved them to the back wall. You MIGHT find other 'stuff' mounted in the Toyota location.
  2. The sheared off stud should just band in but the hubs got to come out to instal the new studs.
  3. 65 max are LR D. 50 max really LR C.
  4. You don't even need the tires at 65psi max if loaded to 7000lb.
  5. A picture is usually helpful, but from your description I'm going to guess it's a circuit breaker.
  6. I'm not sure where you are in the GWN, but you could try these guys for new or used. https://youngfartsrvparts.ca/ Pickings are slim up here!
  7. Anyone's guess, especially since nobody knows how many were built.
  8. It would be the first time I've seen an RV with a shower but without a water heater.
  9. AFAIK, use of R-12 is not illegal. The manufacturing of R-12 is banned (Worldwide?). You can still find old cans of R-12 for sale and 'new' R-12 is available. Its recycled R-12 from old vehicles being scrapped. Finding an 'old-timer' with the skills, equipment and desire to work with the old R-12 will become as difficult as finding a mechanic to work on carbs and pre-OBD2 vehicles.
  10. Over the years, I've only 'captured' a couple of Phoenix's off the net. 1 I saved as a 1984 and neither have clearance lights. Right now, clearance lights are legally required on new vehicles. I looked once to try to find out when they became legally required with no success. Kind of confusing is that different manufacturers seem to have adopted them in different years, so no real solid clues. As Linda said, Dolphins had them in 1979, Sunraders in 1983. Until your Phoenix, I guessed Sunrader hung on until the last minute before having to modify their molds. So my best guess was the start date for the new requirement was Jan 1st 1983. Now I'm not sure. Something I'm pretty sure of is that if they're fitted, they've got to be working or you might get a ticket.
  11. Thanks. I had no idea that the Phoenix was built by Sandtana. Now that I've learned something today, I can go to bed!
  12. No argument from me on that. I've looked but could never find anything on wiring standards from the RVIA. Mix in possible 'improvements' by previous owners over the years and a multimeter is essential! Plus maybe a fire extinguisher!
  13. Having said what I said about 'White = Ground' it looks like you might find that 'Green = Ground'!
  14. I see 3 wire colours: purple, green and white. RV convention is that grounds are white. The purple and green wires disappear off the bottom of the picture. Where to? I don't know how clearly this wiring diagram will be (resolution), but green and purple seem to have been 2 of Winnebagos favorite colours!
  15. If you plan to do this, at least follow the recommendations in the Recall. Note that these were recommendations for temporary use and that since then 30 years have elapsed!
  16. Can you post a picture of yours. I know 'Sandtana and 'Phoenix' as 2 different manufacturers. Both, however, were out of production long before the Axle Recall issued in 1991.
  17. The only Sunrader wiring diagram I've ever seen isn't going to help much. 'Dim' is certainly typical of a poor ground. If you can't find the original, there's no harm or danger if you add a new/second one.
  18. Plus the cost to drill new bolt holes. Not the kind of thing you can do with a 3/8" B&D drill.
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