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  1. i wonder if a windshild leck would dump water in the heater box. it did in my 1977 toyota car no ac .
  2. i just checked the furnace havent got in yet. it does have a duct knock out on the left side at the front. does not show in that pict. and thank You LINDA for putting that up.my set up was direct vent only. NEW up date my son installed the new furnace this weekend and i just light it off an hour ago . so far works very nice and very quiet.
  3. we bought it from the Scamp dealer mFGR website they make and sell the little scamp trailers . my son has owened a nd rehabed a couple of used scamps . they also sell rv parts to anybody. seems to have factory labels ins. numbers . the lady said we have them in stock. all i can say is we DID not get this from EBAY.
  4. I am replacing a dead hydroflame furnace with a new suberban. if you need one we got a very good price from the company that builds the scamp small fiberglass rvs. and when you call they have real people answer the phone. at just a little over 400 dollors for the 16 000 BTU direct discharge unit. far less then anyone we found . This is a brand new unit.
  5. many of the old basic sealed beams had a 35 watt low beam. on my 4wd xtra cab i bought a new pair of napa sealed beams oe fit 55 watts low beam. 65 watts on high beam . mi son said there better then the bulb lights on his late model tacoma. they work well for me. Just checked napa has plug and play LED sealed beams. close to 160 ea
  6. i did not know they made a six. the add on that one says it is a 1.8 a4 of course
  7. the vans or bus had this Twin carb version of what is a 914 engine around 80 hp. the vw 411 four door sedan my dad. had a 1971 complete with a gasoline heater. the sedan used a fuel injected version rated at 85 hp. the add says carb overhaul. they have one carb on each side. the Stewert warner south wind gasoline heater produced very hot heat also had an adjustable thermostat and produced a very noticable loud roaring noise. and you could hear the spark plug popping. IN the engine photo you can cleary see the twin solex carbs. one thing for shure you use secend or third gear a lot too keep the rpms up. lugging will blow these up. the olde r buses used a 40 to 50 hp bug moter you have to work the trans and keep the engine screaming.
  8. start with new fuel line . then see what site window l evel is change gas filter . could be full of dirt rust rubber hose particles etc.go from there.
  9. one kind of fix is too totaly reroof it with a rubber membrain roof these are commonl y used on old metal top trailer homes where i live in wa st . they warrenty them in that case for 10 years . i have seen those old trailers with the cheiling out inside. showing mass rust pinholes. This stuff is what they use for roofs on modern RVS, in my P .O.P it is the only real fix.
  10. the bottom radiator hose on the 22re is a two pices affair . one too the block. too a pipe and one from the pipe too the radiator. so yes 3 pices including the top hose .
  11. replaced my 1972 20 pound horizontal propane tank on my 1987 dolphon. with two 11 pound upright squaty muchroom tanks. they are about half the hgt of a 20 pound bbq tank. work s very well put two new hoses and a tee on the regulator .you might be able too find some of these . Linda had a picture of one on here somtime ago. the ones i got where manchester.
  12. i just love these people that use silicone on a head gasket. obvisly a rank dont know or dont care job . some of the younger people think that stuff is the answer to anything. and the people who sell it too them. will tell them that it is .
  13. did you look at the old head gasket . on the 20R older types some people would install a felpro after market head gasket. i dont know if felpro fixed there problem . but the older gaskets wher a perma torque said to never need retighting. they just did not work. about 2 years was about all they would last. got this straight from a good toyota mecinac. and had this happen to me . never had head off a 22r but that rtv makes me think some one was in there before but those old felpros came with stuff like that on them. personaly as i am from the dark ages i have never used rtv on anything. the toyota gasket 20 R came ready to install. anything else i use copper cote or nasty old black permatex brush on . nasty seals great use on water pump gaskets . 40rty 5 years never had one leak.
  14. my past exp if it slips very long turns the flywheel blue . i hope for the best for you
  15. a good shop i would think would not use that sander . however some years back i had a shop do the head on my datsun B210 this was a very small pushrod moto r had aways had a slight head oil leak. i bought the car new . they used a belt sander on the head i know for a fact . and this was an aluminum head. all i can say is it never leaked oil again. but the next time i went to a real machine shop with a 20 r head they used a very old and good surfacing planer. another thing is did the prevous owners change antifreeze reguler . i have seen sveral heads aluminum toyota and datsun compleaty eaten up by electroliss thatthey would not seal anything. in one engine the crank and bearings were all destroyed from collent. you see the key word with the sander add save labor save time get more out faster.also says for use on aluminum.
  16. my son spent all winter in a brand new 35 foot four seasons package pull trailer here in washington st said he burned 100 gallons of propane a month in the winter months.
  17. all i do is boondock but i never go alone. aways with one or 2 outher outfits. i might go on ahead with others coming along on the same route . behind me. yes in one of our larger groups 3 rigs had flat tires.
  18. buy a brand new battery cleaning brush. they work well to clean rust dirt etc out of the bulb scokets. but make there is no power on .
  19. yes you are very right there .that thing would be over kill in weight for shure . but is a nice unit . in my case he can carry it and i can carry a 100 foot cord LOL. and yes it is heavy need 2 men to mount and dismount.
  20. my son has the big champion inverter type generater duel fuel . i think it is 5 ,ooo5 oo watts starting load . cost like 1,000 dollors new. resonably quit on moderate loads. this is on the back of a 35 foot pull trailer. he has 4 group 24 deep cycle batteries on the front . we went out this spring in the desert of eastern wash st .wind was 40 miles an hour very cold nights. after 3 nights the batteries were dead flat . he also has a full computer office in the back of it . this genny also has its own starting battery . great unit but big some what and a little heavy.run on propane is the way to go . no bad gas no carb gunk up.
  21. and glad to still have you on here Linda. and yes i still have my dolphin and still camping on LOL .
  22. my son has restored 2 small scamp pull trailers . this looks to have been a some what rare scamp minnie 5TH wheel. would be worth a lot more in its orignal form. pulled by a toyota pickup. then this mess.
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