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  1. as i changed my dolphon  to this kind of set up from the same type of single type of horzontal tank. i can tell you i love it . those tanks are so much easer to lift and install. also i   removed my pol    and                                         installed a tee  and two short kwick conect conecters. new out fit one year old loving it.at 11 pounds each you get two pounds more.i just turn both on and run sam as one tank just got back from a week trip remote camping back country. you wont regrt it so easy to carry easy too put in. i am very close to 70 have pain in hips and bad hands.plus my son was getting upset because my old tank was older then the camper  1972.

  2. my local rv dealer has them new i mean the shades or light unit but if was replacing the whole thing i would go LED . aubreys rv in yakima wa .   phone number    1 800  300       4709 or 509 453 4709                                      in bussnes since the 1960s. have bought several new ones myself

  3. and it is required to be a TWO 2 stage regulater. some old single stage regulaters were used . you must use a 2 stage for safty codes. my local rv repair place                                told me this . makes sense if the single diafram type goes bad 100 percent of tank pressure goes in the applances can blow up your camper.

  4. my 87 dolphon had that problem . i finely pulled up the plate in the drain myn had a plate in the schower drain  it is round with a bunch of holes in it . underneath i found a regular drain with a cross haier guard . the four courner holes were pluged with hard soap reasadue . i punched those out and now all works well.

  5. no inspection in wash  St unless the vechicle  is just being  brought in to washinghton , the  only oither reason is  if it is a salvage  or insurance   recovery                     rig. i have for 20 years owend a 1988 Toyota 4WDXTRA CAB truck it was never wreaked . but was a stolen recovered truck. it has a salvadge branded title and a salvadge   vechecle                        sticker .  the only problem i ever had was one ins company refused to insure it the hartferd AARP auto inseruince outfit. Safeco never batted an eye. nor did Grange of seattle wa . And wash st droped smog inspecion . we never had that in my county anyway.

  6. my wife bent my Datsun sedan i drove it 2 years with new black primer hood and black right fender. i had strip sanded the top rust too bare metal.  2  spray cans brown primer  2 cans of blue looked  great             from 10 feet away lol. was going to paint the whole car . but i got hit by a dump truck so after 24 years with that car. good by  hellow 1977 toyota pickup. Paint is optional . but it looks nice keeps the rust at bay.

  7. i second the leak problem just replaced two cracked leaking plastic frame vents . with two new metal frame vents. recent early camp trip one week heavy rain last day bathroom and center vent leaking. these where original 1987 . when replacing vents aways replace with metal frame vents. cab over was already a newer metal frame unit.on another note the new suburban furnece worked great very quite and hot took a while too burn off the stink.

  8. if you have that big four way flasher knob on the dash. pump it on and off a few times and see if that fixes it . i am serious corrision or dirt builds up on the four way switch it normaly never gets used much. this was a problem with the 7os trucks and campers. and when this happens the turn and fourway quit working.  my 78 shortbox truck my 78 motor home . i had this happen

  9. that other one with the loop on one end is the front one frame over to the gas filter . which on the 4 cylinders is under the intake bolted too the side of the block. areal fun place to get at.   my son had a workmate had a 4 runner with a gas leak .   up at the frame. it burned up engine fire not a good thing. using the wrong fuel line can burst and do the same thing.

  10. is this a 22r carb or is it the 22rec efi carb fuel pump is on the head end under the hood only efi has the pump in the tank .  .  i would take a pice of pvc pipe 18 inches long or soo with the engine running put one end on the valve cover , sideof block etc put the outher end up to your ear and listen i once dinosed a knocking alternater with this methed. and as for the v6 i have owened 7 toyotas all 4 cylinders . maybe less hp no internal water pump hokey fake rubber timing chain. much easer to service or fix. i am an old duffer and you cound not give me a six.

  11. i have removed one of those .. go to an rv supply  or on line what you get is a kit which is      a new plain filler neck and a new bleeder valve.  did this for a guy who could not fill his tank. just  do job outside only fumes out of his empty tank were terable. maybe a large gas supply plant could supply the hose do you have an rv s hop near you. i just bought a new hose for my new furance. i see the filler neck listed on that site  tank filler neck .a lso the liqued level bleeder valve.

  12. I see you live in Oregon you do any  business  with Les Schab . they cover most of the west U S north too south. i have been using their batterys for years tires. over 500 stores. i have 1987 Dolphon only takes one Group 27 deep cycle in the side and is a tight fit . under the hood one group 24 heavy duty starting battery. i live in wa . my deep cycle is not a marine starting deep cycle. IT is a  rv marine deep cycle a        t rue deep cycle also used for electric  trolling motors . as  far as i know those marine starting type are not a true deep cycle but a kind of duel purpose. we should use a true deep cycle. rv marine eletric trolling battery. check the les schab site shows pictures. AND YES i HAVE just old common flooded type batterys.

  13. AS far as i know and the Toyotas  i have 1987 dolphin  and my 1988 4 w d xtra cab .the  brakes on all the old time Toyotas adjust the rear brakes two ways . turning the star whells with a brake spoon. and adjusting the brakes by repeatly pulling the parking brake lever . until the travel shortens. their is also a turnbuckle adjustment underneath between the front and rear cables. that is where you can take exc cable stretch.

  14. i just checked the furnace havent got in yet. it does have a duct knock out on the left side at the front. does not show in that pict. and thank You LINDA for putting that up.my set up   was direct vent only.                  NEW up date my son installed the new furnace this weekend and i just light it off an hour ago . so far works very nice and very quiet.

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